MOAR Civic MODS (in the bin!) *DISRESPECTED VTEC* (EP3)

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23 dager siden

Our epic Civic build continues as we install 3 spoon engines. On top of that, we just went into Harry's, and ordered 3 T66 turbos, with NOS. And a Motec exhaust - enough power to disrespect the nasal cavity of Honda fans everywhere!
OK seriously - we just keep working on this absolute nugget of a trash box Civic with the hopes that one day it'll be good enough for Hector (and Marty) but it's turning into a bigger job than we thought!
This series is shot "disrespected nose" which means no music, no VO and limited editing. You've been warned.
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Also something to note around Mighty Car Mods: we are normal guys and are not trained mechanics. We like to make interesting car mods and show you how we've gone about it, but we can't promise that anything we show you will work for your particular car, or that you won't harm yourself, someone else, your car or your warranty doing it. Please be safe, be responsible and unless you know what you're doing, do not fool around with very serious machinery just because you've seen us make it look so easy. Talk to a qualified mechanic if you are in any doubt. Some of the products featured in this video may be supplied by sponsors. For a list of our current sponsors please go to

Mighty Car Mods
Mighty Car Mods 23 dager siden
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curtis wilcock
curtis wilcock 4 timer siden
Awesome 😂 you guys crack me up IN THE BIN I love the look off the after market parts already getting sex spec ready on a serious note you guys are doing this fast
curtis wilcock
curtis wilcock 4 timer siden
Awesome 😂 you guys crack me up IN THE BIN I love the look off the after market parts already getting sex spec ready on a serious note you guys are doing this fast
curtis wilcock
curtis wilcock 4 timer siden
Awesome 😂 you guys crack me up IN THE BIN I love the look off the after market parts already getting sex spec ready on a serious note you guys are doing this fast
killercivic2001 17 dager siden
I'm a little stuck here in Taiwan and can't seem to be able to get front sway bar rubber mounts for my '05 G35 coupe... can anyone help me ? I asked someone at Autobacs to order them from Hardrace for me but they are apparently sold WITH the sway bar... (I don't want to change the sway bar itself, but I need to replace the two mounts)
toby lawrence
toby lawrence 17 dager siden
My dad has a Honda CR-V 1997 and it has 400,000 miles on it and a great off roader.
ZaneofAustin 21 time siden
3:26 flawless logic
ZaneofAustin 21 time siden
yall should get a saturn sky and flex on haters.
Weeb Trash 「オタクゴミ」
Weeb Trash 「オタクゴミ」 Dag siden
I am fully convinced that the MCM garage is haunted, lol.
Silent Haiku
Silent Haiku 3 dager siden
Super cool that you guys don't throw parts away in the trash! I always keep my parts in bins too!
Sverri Olsen
Sverri Olsen 4 dager siden
Where do they get all of the parts for the car?
Jonathan Palmer
Jonathan Palmer 5 dager siden
All the parts in bubble-wrap bags and foamed-lined boxes, that Moog un-wraps and puts them straight on the concrete floor...
Kendrick Williams
Kendrick Williams 6 dager siden
The missing parts warped into oblivion. That or one of your buds took them and threw them in the bin because they knew you would get it back together anyways. Its dark but possible.
Kendrick Williams
Kendrick Williams 6 dager siden
So obviously its better
Эдуард Супранович
Эдуард Супранович 7 dager siden
России нужен СЕКС СПЕК! Russia needs sex spec !
Carl Marcus
Carl Marcus 8 dager siden
You can wash oil off with oil, vegetable oil. Then you can wash off the vegetable oil with normal soap
Ben Thomas
Ben Thomas 8 dager siden
I never imagined it would be so cathartic to listen to cars being pulled apart and put back together.
Ian Grimard
Ian Grimard 8 dager siden
why do you have a full cutlery set in your fucking garage lmao
Ismail Edun
Ismail Edun 9 dager siden
I became an auto tech because of the motivation you guys gave me through your videos so mad props to you guys too
brYan o
brYan o 9 dager siden
You are yet to discover the second bonnet stay hole so that the bonnet goes vertical, it's all very exciting...
Chrys Perry
Chrys Perry 9 dager siden
Those are some good questions about plurals. I always think a single Lexus should be Lexi. Because Lexus's doesn't make sense so shouldn't more than one be known as Lexus. 🤔🤣 Or is it just like Sheep? 😆
pokythornes 10 dager siden
Ur welcome
MrGuvEuroman 10 dager siden
It’s not a racing civic if it hasn’t got Anodised scaffolding on display at the rear.
Joshua Nicolai
Joshua Nicolai 10 dager siden
U can upgrade to next brakes which at least in the state you can still get at an auto parts store for $50
MLP Podcast Channel
MLP Podcast Channel 10 dager siden
I would usually change the inner tie rods also if the boots are that bad off
NISMOIZKING 11 dager siden
Whyy yall didnt do the inner tie rods?? They are wooooorn
juan Perez
juan Perez 11 dager siden
I had to unsub because of those (in the bin) cuts. It’s fucking annoying.
netweightracing 12 dager siden
Does that upper balljoint adjustment have enough room for tools if you put those hexagon bolts that way? I would put those bolts other way around so that when you are adjusting your suspension you have those hexagons toward up and nuts down. Haven't build that kind of suspension thou.
Ivo Kraaier
Ivo Kraaier 12 dager siden
17:17 option #3: grease up your hands with clean grease (petroleum jelly) before you get 'em dirty. I even use PJ to extract the (smell of) petrol from my hands before washing them further.
Julio Ibarra
Julio Ibarra 12 dager siden
Choco Bloco
Choco Bloco 12 dager siden
Seems pretty easy in austrailia in in UK have same car tried installing coilovers today and snapped bolt LCA bolts 😂 and the bolt is still stuck in the bushings fml rust is not kind...
Scuba Steve
Scuba Steve 13 dager siden
someone get marty a redbull hes lookin tired
Сергей Ершов
Сергей Ершов 13 dager siden
Greetings)) You guys are good) You also need to install a short steering rack from the Honda civic TypeR ek9
Thomas Searls
Thomas Searls 13 dager siden
I love the way you film these vlog style compared to the skipped steps before, so much more engaging when you show us all the steps as you do them and having to hold the camera. Makes it feel more relatable
Allen Plant
Allen Plant 14 dager siden
Moog: "A CRV is like a good civic, isn't it?" Marty: 😳
J B 14 dager siden
25:20: To fix the engine, you must become the engine.
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt 15 dager siden
3:08 "A CR-V is like a good Civic, isn't it?" --Internet comment section erupts into a war unseen prior to Armageddon
William Griffin
William Griffin 15 dager siden
TIM MASON 15 dager siden
Love the asmr sounds this this series gents, carry on!
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt 15 dager siden
Where ya guys been I’ve been waiting for the next mad civic video
Strongboy 72
Strongboy 72 15 dager siden
Good mechanics are a national treasure. Like the guys said they have to deal with easy cars and nightmarish vehicles day in day out sometimes 7 days a week.
That_Guy 15 dager siden
Former Honda Master Tech. Love the show and have been following for years. I hate Hondas. Just had to put that out there. Only watching this short series because I enjoy you blokes.
Che1seabluesdrogba11 15 dager siden
They don't sell that Ryobi R18IW7 here in the states.. unless it's a different part number here
Shawn Clifton
Shawn Clifton 15 dager siden
Did he trip going up the stairs?
OVERDRIVE UK 15 dager siden
I have been working on cars since I was 8 years old with my dad now I'm 38, 30 years as a mechanic, thank you guys for your shout out to all of us mechanic's and love your channel guy's keep up the excellent work 😊 👍
ThatScootsy 15 dager siden
Is it just me or... is marty super fucking excited to work on this nugget meanwhile moog wants to die lmao
Abandoned Exploration
Abandoned Exploration 15 dager siden
Moog “do you know where these are going?” Marty “In the BIN” 2:45 - 2:46
Jimmy Wännström
Jimmy Wännström 15 dager siden
Im fine with spooning, but please guys, dont start forking on the show!
JD Gleason
JD Gleason 15 dager siden
Use black gloves under your MCM mechanic ripping! Great video, as always!
Prodromos Mitropoulos Studio Epic
Prodromos Mitropoulos Studio Epic 16 dager siden
IN THE BIN ohhh sorry wrong video
tdnoz 16 dager siden
The subframe brace is to strengthen the subframe, plenty of People rip them apart when the rip hard on the track in the civic:) If you need bigblock you can get a crv block.
Roger Santos
Roger Santos 16 dager siden
change your steering rack or inner tie rod ends. they are toooo loosy
Alan Wilson
Alan Wilson 16 dager siden
Hot tip, ball joints go in a lot easier if you put them in the freezer an hour or 2 before you install them.
Hi there Person
Hi there Person 16 dager siden
Hey so uhh.... IN THE BIN
J Reed
J Reed 16 dager siden
Where ya guys been I’ve been waiting for the next mad civic video
Sea Bass
Sea Bass 16 dager siden
Can we get a MCM T-Shirt that says "In the Bin!"
Nikolay Ganovski
Nikolay Ganovski 16 dager siden
You should plasti dip the civic in matte black, that orange is just ugly in my opinion
Matthew Bloomfield
Matthew Bloomfield 17 dager siden
"That's not why we're here but I think about these things sometimes" - literally all the thoughts I have while lying under a vehicle
Keith Nortje
Keith Nortje 17 dager siden
Hope you are all safe from the floods, let us know 🙏 Regards from South Africa
Gero v. E.
Gero v. E. 17 dager siden
You must flip the Bolt :P Best regards from Wolfsburg :)
Simon Plant
Simon Plant 17 dager siden
Sex specs is back, but it's in 79 series land cruisers
Staypuff Duncanlemp
Staypuff Duncanlemp 17 dager siden
Easiest balljoint ever 03 vw Jetta
X5 - Camping & Stuff.
X5 - Camping & Stuff. 17 dager siden
Using "DISRESPECTED" in this Video Title.. Is rehashing old Videos. What happened to the VW Forester Turbo Car?????
X5 - Camping & Stuff.
X5 - Camping & Stuff. 17 dager siden
What happened to the 4x4ing.. That was Short Lived.
Luis F. Arizandieta
Luis F. Arizandieta 17 dager siden
Tons of money on a ricewok, yuk!
Tomciox23 17 dager siden
Acually all of my friends who ownd that car did crash or died (about 10 - 12 people) so watch out :P
Tomciox23 17 dager siden
Why don't you use any grease on all the bolts?
moto55yz 17 dager siden
What happened to your camera guy?
Nogood Username
Nogood Username 17 dager siden
Honda verson 2wstd
darrencol 17 dager siden
Liking this format! It can be annoying on a lot of your usual episodes where you say you've put something on a car with some music over it and move on quickly. It's a nice change that you're going into a bit more detail about how it actually all goes in and fits together.
Edward P
Edward P 17 dager siden
Forgot to replace inner tie rods. They were dangling everywhere 😭
Jackey Chen
Jackey Chen 17 dager siden
The finicky roof perceptually embarrass because paperback physiologically prick besides a hard-to-find booklet. disgusting, hesitant friend
noliftracing 17 dager siden
Oh no. Hardrace. The low quality stuff that rusts away after 6 month with the cool name
Onkar Khot
Onkar Khot 17 dager siden
Heard about the flooding in South Eastern Australia..hope you guys are safe..I don't exactly know where you guys are based, but just reaching out to make sure you guys and your families are safe..
Kenneth Larsen
Kenneth Larsen 17 dager siden
Marty needs to use the gloves with the rubber coated palms. They're like the loreal kids line of gloves; No tears!
Kas b
Kas b 18 dager siden
18:27 Actually, any honda from the early 90's to early 2000's are perfect to learn how to modify and work on because pretty much every model throughout that decade were built using a lot of the same suspension designs and engine layouts, so for the most part, if you could work on one model, you could work on all of them with at least some form of familiarity. I have a 1990 integra 4 door and there's no way i'm gonna ever get rid of it even though right now it's a total mess with a blown up engine. It's actually a really fun car to work on when I have all the tools I need lol.
Kas b
Kas b 18 dager siden
Those sway bar kits are nice because they eliminate the chance of having your sway bar rip its mount right off the chassis. With that kit there's no chance of that happening since it gets rid of the stock swaybar mounts.
Ty 18 dager siden
Melee (May-Lay)
4IN14094 18 dager siden
20:10 United Airline thinks otherwise🤷‍♂️🤷‍♀️
Bill Shapkauski
Bill Shapkauski 18 dager siden
I really appreciate the detail of matching the blue from the jack stands with the new suspension components. Well done.
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty 18 dager siden
the name: Mighty Car Mods me in my mind: Marty Car Moog
Chris van der Walt
Chris van der Walt 18 dager siden
My 2nd year as a mechanic.. it really is heavy on my body and i know i wil feel it when im older.. but cars are my passion and turning wrenches is my skill
L[REDACTED] K[REDACTED] 18 dager siden
Big Appreciations to mechanics just started to learn what it takes to restore a car on an MR2 and each day I work on it I appreciate work of mechanics more and more!!!!
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty 18 dager siden
Back to basics refurb of a clean nugget. Doesn't get any better for me, lads. Keep up the epic content.
Joshua Shipp
Joshua Shipp 18 dager siden
Thanks heaps for the shout out and appreciation for the work we mechanics do. Bring back the unicorn farts!
Jonathan Zander
Jonathan Zander 18 dager siden
double glove it, that way your hands won't get dirty if the outer one rips
Keith Prinn
Keith Prinn 18 dager siden
going to be a mad track weapon? wasnt that what the Lotus was for?
Ricky Villa
Ricky Villa 18 dager siden
It’s a weap shirts!
A 18 dager siden
2 gays
Troy Peacock
Troy Peacock 18 dager siden
Send some dm's to boosted boiz they'll steer ya in a proper direction
P Savel
P Savel 18 dager siden
Dripping steering rack boot usually means the seals are blown out of the rack. I guess we'll see if it was just moisture or it was beat up by the previous owner. Good job on the bump steer correction. Such a shame on a lowered car to deal with bumpsteer and trammeling.
ABeans07 18 dager siden
you going to fix that subaru?
- Ramos
- Ramos 18 dager siden
Discord notification sound at 9:24??
Aaron Goldberg
Aaron Goldberg 18 dager siden
i have been glued to all these videos, i have a ek sedan 1998. In Canada (nee politestan) we call this engine and 4 door sedan body the acura 1.6 el i may consider upgrading some of the compononets you bloaks have done to ur ek hatch
Bru Wilton
Bru Wilton 18 dager siden
Thank you for the shout out to all us grease monkeys
NoYouAreNotDreaming 18 dager siden
1:54 you are getting forked marty... broke back mountain...or should i say might brokeback mods?
Ricy013 18 dager siden
How about spec torque your bolts? no worries mate, RYOBI saves the day BRRRRRRRR! good to go!
Harry 18 dager siden
Don't forget to preload the suspension bushings. If not they'll tear up faster than usual.✌️
MrSlash00r 18 dager siden
Back to basics refurb of a clean nugget. Doesn't get any better for me, lads. Keep up the epic content.
Michael Flare
Michael Flare 18 dager siden
That inverted HardRace tie rod is going to give them SIGNIFICANT bump steer. You'll see when they finally drive it.
Custom Coin Rings USA
Custom Coin Rings USA 18 dager siden
Holden needs to make a new car model called the "McGroin" or the "Mabigdee"
w finch
w finch 18 dager siden
Intuition tells me that all your bolts should put the nut/threads to the rear of the car. Less chance to rocks and road debris to strike and mar the threads, which could make using the bolt more difficult. I may be over thinking this though.
Kevin Berg
Kevin Berg 18 dager siden
I know others have already said this, but thank you for showing some appreciation for mechanics. I’ve worked as a tech for the past 16 years, and it is really a thankless job. The most feedback we usually ever hear is when we did something wrong, whether we actually did or whether it was just perceived. It’s Monday today and I’d been getting beat up by tough jobs all day, but just hearing a little appreciation from a couple dudes on NOpost helped to brighten my day a bit. So thank you for giving us a little love.
Kingbecher - ElektroEntertainment
Kingbecher - ElektroEntertainment 18 dager siden
Hope you didn't search the hole day for 2:46 In the Bin !
How he built a 7-Figure Online business using nothing but... @t
Журнал Полистай
Журнал Полистай 18 dager siden
Hi, guys . I really love your videos, and I respect your creativity . I am very sorry that I can not watch your videos on your channel because I know the language very poorly . But I want to thank you for your work personally !
Angryfuture 18 dager siden
Looks great! Hope you guys are tightening the suspension bushings after the suspension is preloaded.
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