Our Civic is NASTY - Engine work begins! (EP4)

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17 dager siden

The build of our nugget Civic continues but nothing is going to plan. 4 different owners have come out claiming they owned it and we work out why it smells so bad. Plus we come to the realisation that we don't have any Honda friends that can help us...
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Mighty Car Mods
Mighty Car Mods 17 dager siden
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curtis wilcock
curtis wilcock 3 timer siden
Woah that’s crusty that engine but you will work you Magic IN THE BIN old parts out in wiyh the new heck yeah
KINN 1 7 dager siden
Please do a video on Master cylinder upgrade when using WILWOOD 6 Pots. My mate has a 240 SX with Wilwoods without upgrading master. If he gets a buckled disk he will loose all his brakes. Bet this happens a lot. I try to explain, sure you could do 👍👍👍👍🙌🙌🤘🤘👌 Please
juan velez
juan velez 9 dager siden
Let me buy that ecu !!!!!
RR Extra
RR Extra 12 dager siden
Mighty Car Mods MCM 333 with the Mighty Civic MC 33 & Marty & Moog MM 33..... Yawn..
mark im
mark im 13 dager siden
Yeah what do we win,? I’d have to spend my disability but I do love cars...my 3.5 ecoboost needs turbos, from crp :) lol..that would be a great 45$ investment, lol..
FierceMotorworks 20 timer siden
Boys in the bin
SketchbookGuitar Dag siden
I just came back watching them. What project is that 4G69 engine for??
Josh Abrey
Josh Abrey Dag siden
Them b series hondas arent that heavy, 2 of us carry them with tranny still attached at chest height up and down the stairs from our basement on a regular basis
Null 2 dager siden
Halfway through the video I was like, "wow, they're really pushing to move the project along". I then realised I was watching at 1.25x speed
jonathan mark Reed
jonathan mark Reed 2 dager siden
" its on the lambo" twisted which is like a lambo.... are you hiding a car from us moog lol
c lovell
c lovell 2 dager siden
30:27 If you nose you knows ;)
Robert Lovell
Robert Lovell 2 dager siden
I own a Honda. That's why we are not friends! also I used to own that car. Smell is fish tacos.
Cash Carti
Cash Carti 3 dager siden
malachi manville downer
malachi manville downer 3 dager siden
Nothing wrong with b16 still a sick engine so no need for a k20 believe a b16 also easier to put in too
mcgoo721 3 dager siden
I've had a K series build, and I'll have another soon. I love them! However, B series builds are just as cool. And honestly the amount of money you pay for dumb shit for the K builds, it gets hard to justify. At least that's how it was back then; I've no idea if prices have come down. I remember my B series friend getting a wicked ecu, retail, for less than a reflash of my K ecu let alone what I paid for a full unit! And it's like that for *everything*
deeiks12 3 dager siden
I can't undertstand how Moog can call this car "so shiiiet". Look at your own videos from the beginning. Don't be a jerk man.
Glyn Parry
Glyn Parry 3 dager siden
Honda's are not fast but they are fun. If that crossover on V-tec doesn't make you smile then you aren't a petrol head.
Murican Bear Warrior
Murican Bear Warrior 4 dager siden
I have a del sol. They had the b16a3 on the VTEC trim. Good luck mates
Murican Bear Warrior
Murican Bear Warrior 4 dager siden
I’ll be your Honda friend too if you want. I’d pull out my del sol
Dani Olsen
Dani Olsen 4 dager siden
2 Copper washers per caliper Moog
jamie garcia
jamie garcia 4 dager siden
Can we get a angry honda sump character to go with Rodney ?
woodpeckerLJ 4 dager siden
NinetyFourPictures 4 dager siden
I love how almost everytime, Moog’s way of describing scent is thru animals. Very Australian.
Toto Abicyclette
Toto Abicyclette 4 dager siden
i like the orange
Roni Zedd
Roni Zedd 5 dager siden
“I’m a Honderona” “You’re a Honderona”
Joshua Shipp
Joshua Shipp 5 dager siden
Long time Honda owner. I Have in-counted the parts not fitting correctly.
Tom Sizemore
Tom Sizemore 6 dager siden
B16 nowadays? Really?
FloppingProductions 6 dager siden
Marty's shirt ROFL I-FAP
K3NnY_G 6 dager siden
11:17 - missed that edit. =(
Andrey Haifisch
Andrey Haifisch 6 dager siden
don't touch the color
VV_ Antares
VV_ Antares 7 dager siden
Why dont you strip the interior?? get rid of smell and weight reduction
ASP3K 420.2
ASP3K 420.2 7 dager siden
Why did his face change after he said lambo then change what he said Are you guys getting/working on a video with a Lamborghini as that would be mint
Stephen Gaddis
Stephen Gaddis 7 dager siden
Go Civic! Honda is the middle class car you rarely take to the shop. And it's cheaper than a Toyota!
wils35 7 dager siden
PLEASE keep the "IN THE BIN" for future episodes. So addictive.
Taktko 7 dager siden
Would be cool if it was RWD. With a high revving 9K+ rpm and sequential transmission
Michael O'Hagan
Michael O'Hagan 8 dager siden
Squealer on your brakes, always to the outside
Erik Sanborn
Erik Sanborn 8 dager siden
Hey, I'll be a friend! I have a two door 2003 Honda Accord 3.0 v6 VTEC. I love it, kinda zippy! lol. I enjoy watching the show. I'm Erik, how's it going guys?
PIK 8 dager siden
Gotta have that Championship White paint once this is complete. My brain says gloss black rims, but my heart says matching white rims... 90s Gran Turismo vibes.
Tanrenth 8 dager siden
Whats happened to the lack of music and voice overs in the last few videos?
john jeppsson
john jeppsson 8 dager siden
7/1 rule!
Ryan Royce
Ryan Royce 8 dager siden
7/1 rule might be my new favorite thing.
Josh Espino
Josh Espino 8 dager siden
rf85 8 dager siden
Pro tip: Use a lug nut or two to hold your rotors on while you're putting the caliper back on.
Shafiq Yusuf
Shafiq Yusuf 8 dager siden
Find and old Corsa B GSI and revive it lol
Julius Schreck
Julius Schreck 9 dager siden
Engine is sitting with all it's oil in the oil pan. Turn engine upside down ,coating all engine internals and floor with old dirty oil... Now you're thinking
peter m
peter m 9 dager siden
Did he just spray wd on rotors ?
Adam Rodney
Adam Rodney 9 dager siden
Those DBA Rotors should go IN THE BIN !!! Death Trap Rotors !!!! Couldn't pay me enough to run them ever again!
Lanny Robinson
Lanny Robinson 9 dager siden
brooo wft, why didnt you drop a k series engine in it.. *facepalm*
Tim 9 dager siden
10:50 moment of volition M&M could have done a Mk1 Focus (the car that color originally came on, a global platform they made like 10 million of and all parts cross fit, and a car nobody seems to do which makes it actually interesting)
GarThor Son of Odin
GarThor Son of Odin 9 dager siden
it needs purple racing stripes and flames orange & pruple = very choice
MechnTech Beau
MechnTech Beau 9 dager siden
Does it show my age that when Marty said pump up the jam I started singing the song
Luka Cro
Luka Cro 9 dager siden
In the bin!
Robert Gillin
Robert Gillin 9 dager siden
I love how much Moog hates it 🤣
Karl Cook
Karl Cook 9 dager siden
U should get it wrapped in a nice colour loveing the content
RichieB76 9 dager siden
Guys, Thank you So much for greasing that door hinge and stay. That noise every time you move the door was just horrible.
TJ Neri
TJ Neri 9 dager siden
I hope you make a batch of In The Bin shirts with Marty’s face on it
Dewald Shona
Dewald Shona 9 dager siden
Jeeeeeeeeeeeesus, in the bin is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much.
djsonicc 9 dager siden
* MCM struggling with taking off transmission * Me: Clutch fork?
Diego Senger
Diego Senger 9 dager siden
hondas ecus can do all that exept electronic throtle (don't see the great advantage in that) and individual coil packs (can be done obviously but not out off the box), and hondas ecus know witch gear you're in so you can set different boost for each gear... I got here because i'm a honda guy but I unsubscribed from this channel because not everybody have 10 million sponsors to get a hole new car for free and replace EVERY part and throw everything in the bin, free aftermarket ecu, free tune, free everything... try do a reasonable budget car for once....
brenton Kern
brenton Kern 9 dager siden
ill be your honda friend! my ek was in your melbourne meetup video!
Irita Pourner
Irita Pourner 10 dager siden
The mighty french specially park because tip prospectively encourage regarding a mysterious mascara. annoying, gabby karate
Michael Paterson
Michael Paterson 10 dager siden
"IN THE BIN" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Thomas Crossland
Thomas Crossland 10 dager siden
Great video lads keep up the great content 🔥
Magnus Lidén
Magnus Lidén 10 dager siden
Please try to remove the smell with an ozon cleaner!
Rapid_Trojan 444
Rapid_Trojan 444 10 dager siden
MCM#1FAN Montana
MCM#1FAN Montana 10 dager siden
in the BIN lol
ebuw 10 dager siden
I own a 1996 del sol. The del sol is just the gen 3 CRX.
Joseph Hussing
Joseph Hussing 10 dager siden
Something broke when it hit the floor
MrGuvEuroman 10 dager siden
Why have you not greased the pads?
CJ Everyday life
CJ Everyday life 10 dager siden
I need that ecu
iiOcBx 10 dager siden
Stocked to see this build. How come we dont see any turbo yoda / mechanical stig action anymore?
Joshua Nicolai
Joshua Nicolai 10 dager siden
You also need enough oil pressure to go into VTEC which is the main reason you can't go into VTEC at low rpm
Joshua Nicolai
Joshua Nicolai 10 dager siden
Oh yeah I thrash my b16 like crazy there is another way to shift a honda than other than at redline?
Joshua Nicolai
Joshua Nicolai 10 dager siden
You're luck you engine came with the brackets for the torque mounts I have had a hard time finding those
Joshua Nicolai
Joshua Nicolai 10 dager siden
I am not getting rid of my eg coupe ever
trancextend 10 dager siden
Vtech academy guys. Call them for break issues. Your welcome in advance.
Dailydriver 10 dager siden
Championship white is the right color for a ek9 or Phoenix yellow
Jack 10 dager siden
14:51 “I’m a Hondarona, you’re a Hondarona”
graham witts
graham witts 10 dager siden
thanks for the stuff guys
Nick P
Nick P 10 dager siden
27:03 "The power of VETC Compels you!!!" LOL!!!!
Neo 10 dager siden
"Like a glove that doesn't fit that well" XD
Mike Scherrer
Mike Scherrer 10 dager siden
Well I’ll be, I didn’t know WD-40 made brake cleaner, at first glance I thought you just went ahead and lubricated both sides of a new rotor and I was like wow things are done differently in Australia...
Paul Wade
Paul Wade 10 dager siden
Awwww poor Moog, actually has to do work instead of buying an entire catalogue of bolt on parts for a brand new car :P
Chris Eriksen
Chris Eriksen 10 dager siden
Ha ha, i fap!
Thomas Khourey
Thomas Khourey 10 dager siden
Hey guys, for an episode you wanna cram a h6 3.0 boxer in my first gen forester ? Cheers, thanks 🙏
Man Cho Nicholas Law
Man Cho Nicholas Law 10 dager siden
you get to see a person's knowledge about cars by watching them build a honda. Clearly honda's are known for their reliability and handling, not horsepower and quarter mile times. But many people on youtube would take these cars and build an ultra fast motor just to send them down a straight line and people think hondas suck cuz theyre slow. Thats not the point of these cars. Marty mentioned many times that honda put a lot of effort into developing the handling. MCM is probably the only youtube channel i know that does handling mods to use the car up to it's full potential. I like that they know what types of mod to do depending on what car they build.
Chief G.
Chief G. 10 dager siden
Stop now and sell. Quick. Fast. Run.
Roger Krishnan
Roger Krishnan 10 dager siden
The instant you noted the smell, I could get the aroma. Can confirm 80% of all Honda civics/ballades from the 90s smell like this, even here in South Africa... Lol
iforc 10 dager siden
If you are finishing someone else’s project then leave it Orange
iforc 10 dager siden
Do an Audi color, like the gray. Or wrap in
Kermit the Frog
Kermit the Frog 11 dager siden
If it got caught in a tide........ all the electronics are going to be corroded..... @#!%!@#%$!!
Jenson Samuel
Jenson Samuel 11 dager siden
Did he just say ek1?
Kermit the Frog
Kermit the Frog 11 dager siden
"2 vegans try to move a 4 cylinder "
Jay Dharamshi
Jay Dharamshi 11 dager siden
hey guys, Doing a superb job showing the videos of modifying JDMs with small details. It's sad to not get these cars easily around in India. Any ways I was hoping that you guys can share a video with ELSD for FWD. I own a Ford Figo 1.4 TDCI. Keep up the good work.
Az _
Az _ 11 dager siden
Bentspoke Crankshaft, an amazing IPA.
Aaron Johnson
Aaron Johnson 11 dager siden
I AM your Honda friend
Terence Au-Duong
Terence Au-Duong 11 dager siden
Hi @Mighty Car Mods, is it possible to get links to the parts and where to purchase for this sick Honda build?? I want to do this to my Civic
Vortex gaming
Vortex gaming 11 dager siden
Plz keep the "in the bin" audio past this series
Simon Choy
Simon Choy 11 dager siden
You may want to chuck an open bag of activated charcoal into the front seat foot wells for a few nights to see if it can get rid of the dank odour in the car. Awesome video takes so far on your belated Civic mod attempt guys.
Abdul Mattur
Abdul Mattur 11 dager siden
you guys should meet boosted boiz and U'LL KNOW LOT MORE ABOUT THE HONDA GUYZ ........
miguel bueno
miguel bueno 11 dager siden
As a previous owner of a crx a year went down my cheek when marty said it was kinda the same as the del slow
Ned Flanders
Ned Flanders 11 dager siden
I just picked up a 1996 ek vti for 300 w/ rego 🤗
Kidnose 11 dager siden
Noooo it's already over :'(
Goaty1127 11 dager siden
This is the channel that got me into cars 12 and 1/2 years ago,I like your videos as soon as they come out, I've seen seen them all at least twice. Keep it up, love the content. I still get excited everytime I see a new video was uploaded. It's really cool to see you guys revisit a Civic build, at least properly lol I love both civics, the first one was awesome and funny, this one is badass.
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