The Last Drive // Farewell LOTUS

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In this episode, we take our modified Lotus Exige to a special place for its last drive...
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Thank you to Simply Sports Cars / LOTUS for inviting us down to their Bathurst Event.
Also something to note around Mighty Car Mods: we are normal guys and are not trained mechanics. We like to make interesting car mods and show you how we've gone about it, but we can't promise that anything we show you will work for your particular car, or that you won't harm yourself, someone else, your car or your warranty doing it. Please be safe, be responsible and unless you know what you're doing, do not fool around with very serious machinery just because you've seen us make it look so easy. Talk to a qualified mechanic if you are in any doubt. Some of the products featured in this video may be supplied by sponsors. For a list of our current sponsors please go to

Mighty Car Mods
Mighty Car Mods Måned siden
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curtis wilcock
curtis wilcock 5 timer siden
Thanks for sharing this journey it was a great ride and you did right when you had the experience you got with the car not knowing they was just 3 where you are and passing this to someone else and letting them experience what you did on your journey maybe they will use it every weekend rather than a couple time’s a year your awesome and as you said you had a blast of a time with the lotus and you made it better than what you bought it and that’s the best part about it fixing it making it better and letting someone else enjoy it too 😊
Project 2OH9
Project 2OH9 Måned siden
Revenge of the Loti
EliteGeeks Måned siden
" Doing 210kmh " dude, that's only 130mph, I did for hours 155mph across the USA lol coast-to-coast in 26 hours with gas stops
part time mechanic
part time mechanic Måned siden
Love the more personal side of these videos sometimes more that the funny ones. Keep up the great content.
kaydog890 Måned siden
Just felt like a two part ad; Lotus and car sales.
N K [Nate] Wood
N K [Nate] Wood 22 timer siden
+Mighty Car Mods: I say, old man! Did yo *"stain"* yo drawers more'n once at that _blind curve_ which included the _abrupt drop_ in the roadway??? Not a track for everyday *_chicken "shites,"_* , eh, Moog?!? 😬
firefighter5278 Dag siden
I just love how everybody in the comment section knows how to perfectly revv match a tuned Exige. And they all know how to drive through Bathursts perfect lines. Y'all must be track gods! Not. Dick heads....
Jess Lenfesty
Jess Lenfesty 4 dager siden
whyyy noooooo
Lee Bayliss
Lee Bayliss 5 dager siden
Bathurst is such a good track, love playing it on forza. Unfortunately that's the only way I can experience it, for the moment at least. I hope 1 day I'll be lucky enough to get there and drive it
Captainjack1988 7 dager siden
Anyone else think of Public Domain when they hear the new intro?
TylerMayhem 14 dager siden
I would say I'll buy it but no doubt it's long gone
TylerMayhem 14 dager siden
Are you supposed to rev match when you downshift in a car like you do on a motorbike?
Yo Joe
Yo Joe 14 dager siden
This tribute nearly brought a tear to my eye.
Allen Plant
Allen Plant 15 dager siden
6:04 "Oh _____ kicked in yo!" 😁
Strongboy 72
Strongboy 72 16 dager siden
Well done Moog. Doing 210km/h in that little Lotus with no roll bars to protect you is no small thing. Its on my bucket list to go to Bathurst and see what this iconic track is like.
Philip Rowney
Philip Rowney 16 dager siden
Boring 'super' car, Tavarish is putting you to shame with his #nugget game...
Kai 18 dager siden
david attenborough for cars bahah love you guys!!!
Haseeb Sheikh
Haseeb Sheikh 18 dager siden
"Lotus kicked in yo" 😂
walperstyle 19 dager siden
Public road.... I can only imagine the Karen's complaining about the noise.
Dave of Spades
Dave of Spades 20 dager siden
jkpenn2003 21 dag siden
did this track in 86 on my gpz900 what an experience
Jon Z
Jon Z 22 dager siden
Lightness in the car and heaviness in the underpants 😂
khaled_dobah 22 dager siden
0 social distances
Keiran Delaney
Keiran Delaney 22 dager siden
The best ending!! Loved it
Flo Mi
Flo Mi 23 dager siden
I like with how much confidence you show off, that you basically ripped off the design of the Santa Cruz Shirt :D
Derrin Rippley
Derrin Rippley 23 dager siden
An IT of Louti?
Bannedone 3ice
Bannedone 3ice 24 dager siden
I just love long episodes of MCM. The production quality is up there, always !
Scott Ord
Scott Ord 26 dager siden
Just saw the new intro for the first time, brilliant!
mcivice199_6x 26 dager siden
I'm not crying, you're crying 😢
Zac Curnow
Zac Curnow 26 dager siden
We need an MR2 Spyder build!
Dalai_Drama 27 dager siden
The lotus was an amazing journey. Thanks for bringing us along.
TheSparrowsJourney 27 dager siden
Moog, I’ve lived every second of that race with you as if I was sitting in the passager seat. What a great video and lotus “finnale”, thank you.
Mwita Chacha
Mwita Chacha 28 dager siden
Should have kept the Lotus. It's the most fun you can have on the streets.
John Chung
John Chung 28 dager siden
Hi, is the Lotus sold and how much for,,thx you guys are great
Roland Bechtel
Roland Bechtel 28 dager siden
Drive this in Forza. Not an easy track.
Puppeteer Mikey
Puppeteer Mikey 28 dager siden
5:59 "Ahh, Lotus Kicked In Yo" 😂😂😂
pauly repa
pauly repa 29 dager siden
Its not a super car! Its a sports car. Dam! 😡
Jonathan 29 dager siden
that lotus farewell was epic. Nice job guys.
Kimosabe93 29 dager siden
Great project whilst it lasted but whole heartedly agree with reasoning to move on. Buy it, have fun, then let someone else have fun. Lets share that happiness rather than keep it stored and collecting value. Fair play MCM, Keep inspiring👍
Matt Harro
Matt Harro Måned siden
Did you sell it what you paid for it? I believe your full of shit if you made money on this car ...
isocuda Måned siden
oof that outro hits like a train
Griffin Johnson
Griffin Johnson Måned siden
Dear Mighty Car Mods, Marty and Moog you guys are the reason I still love cars. You have gotten me through so very hard times and still are. Driving is one of my only outlets and the last segment on the video about getting over your fear and feeling almost one with that car is why I drive. I love the noise and true freedom it gives. Moog you did such a good job describing why we must keep driving and enjoying every small drive. Thank you
Martin Mareš
Martin Mareš Måned siden
The plural of Lotus is Lotus.
Álvaro Måned siden
Perfect car, good track, driver...
jmedlock696 Måned siden
Shame you didn't keep it
scram hammer
scram hammer Måned siden
Great video guys,moog that would have been so killer going around that track.
MyMIXmedia vids
MyMIXmedia vids Måned siden
Car is slow as shit, is why its been swepped under the carpet.
Ben King
Ben King Måned siden
Just got sent a video of Moog saying hi to a mates son on the night you were at Bathurst! What a great vid Moog, and so awesome that you took the time to say a few nice words! Fantastic role models for our younger generation :)
Mavrick Harding
Mavrick Harding Måned siden
This more proves that the lotus should have stayed with the invitations and chances that they provide
LeJollyMoto Måned siden
I don't wanna be that guy but what's the song at 13:05 lads
zabu 49
zabu 49 Måned siden
MCM x WWF next time on mighty car mods
NmH Måned siden
Thats right, making it better is what it's about. Not storing stuff.. I'm sure this project made a profit. Now, performance a tacky Fiero or such with a huge US mod following. Would open up for the states.
Tod Tim
Tod Tim Måned siden
Best Car ad I've ever seen
Filip Štefan
Filip Štefan Måned siden
Maybe, its only me but I enjoy when my car is airborne 😆 that feeling is incredible
Cooper Jay Studios
Cooper Jay Studios Måned siden
Maaad episode guys, so glad to see the lotus again. Sad to see it go, but I respect your logic :)
Cooper Jay Studios
Cooper Jay Studios Måned siden
my youtube premium ass not getting the reference to "the suspenseful ad break" bc I forgot about ads lol. That would be a killer place to stick an ad tho tbh.
neuman356 Måned siden
Not worth shitting your pants when you can just as well enjoy yourself without a sense of impending doom.
Onecton Måned siden
Best Mighty Car Mods Moment: Moog getting his mojo back!
H Los
H Los Måned siden
I had the same exige S with a upgrade to I can say even your can go a lot faster even no a normal autobahn ...greetings from Germany...
Jordan Araujo
Jordan Araujo Måned siden
Lotuses is the proper plural.
chadd zatta
chadd zatta Måned siden
The music in all mcm videos really be getting me in ma feels
V Måned siden
10/10 ad Would buy
Logan Berry
Logan Berry Måned siden
Who else was playing this track in there head from all the laps on fm7😂
RubyRoks Måned siden
It blew my mind to find out Mount Panorama/Bathurst was technically a road course
TheTallJS Måned siden
the crest of the breast is the wording youre looking for
Maxx Måned siden
Just buy a damn FD RX7 and stop mucking around with that weird lotus crap.
Lewis Perry
Lewis Perry Måned siden
Fantastic episode and a great story. Each episode gets better and better
Afonso Lamy
Afonso Lamy Måned siden
Easy Spaniel Training
Easy Spaniel Training Måned siden
LOTUS - Lots Of Trouble Usually Serious....
Richard Tickler
Richard Tickler Måned siden
i dont get the fuzz about the Nürburgring. this is way better, to watch: cars are coming by all the time, in sims: you get another atempt at an amzing corning every 2mins (2:30 if youre slow af like me), to drive: its fun even at 60kph
fraenkli Måned siden
Moog, whats the name of the song at the end of the video?
Martinn Ybanez
Martinn Ybanez Måned siden
You don't watch Mighty Car Mods for the cars... You watch it for the experience... 👍🏽👌🏽❤️
Donbot5000 Måned siden
This car should be driven: proceeds to sell it.
Joshua Collins
Joshua Collins Måned siden
I imagine that turns 11 - 18/19 just have to be committed to memory during a race.
OPHYCLIDE Måned siden
I bet it must blow your mind when you take a moment to step back and think about where you've come from. Who could have predicted that mucking around in your mums driveway would lead to such a memory like this. I bet you'll be riding high on this memory the rest of your life. Nicely done, lads.
H-J. K.
H-J. K. Måned siden
The Nurburgring of Strailia.
Gregg Rome
Gregg Rome Måned siden
Dudes I got chills and goosebumps watching this video. Amazing presentation as usual. Moog hit the nail right on the head. This is what being an enthusiast is all about. Sharing the experiences along the way and making sure the car is used for what it was built for. You guys are the real deal and keep it up!
Lloyd Howe
Lloyd Howe Måned siden
I want to like this video because you guys rock but also hate the fact the Lotus is going.
Howard Ahhon
Howard Ahhon Måned siden
Nooooo.... 😭
daniel tabarcea
daniel tabarcea Måned siden
Someone in IT is going to love it
ThatHondaGuy Måned siden
Hello mates! I just wanted to check with you guys and see if you knew when I would receive the Lotus?! 🤷 I know that shipping can be unpredictable, nowadays. I just figured if I paid that extra for expedited shipping, it would have been here, by now! Ya know what? I betcha it’s stuck in Customs. Uggh, definitely wouldn’t be the first time! Either way, let me know if you all get any new info from the shipping company. I’m gonna call Customs and track down where my car is.. thanks
MaximusNoobius Måned siden
Very refreshing to see someone enjoying motorsport without feeling the need to join in the constant pssing contest you often see from the Pit Lane Pros.
generalexhibition Måned siden
Bruh... No rev matching on your downshifts? Not even once. Yikes! Should be second nature.
The Michael Vortex
The Michael Vortex Måned siden
HG Channel
HG Channel Måned siden
sick downshifts
Aaron Måned siden
I've only been in Gran Turismo, but Bathurst seems very much like the Nurburgring. The turns lull you into a rhythm and when you're not absolutely focused every corner can chuck you into the Armco or, if you're lucky, a sand trap. GT has that jump on Conrod straight; the sand trap ate me a lot. You're wise to back out of it in Edit: There are a lot more trees on the mountain in the game that give perspective for the driver.
Alan Wilson
Alan Wilson Måned siden
And Peter Brock was told not to use the brakes...
HeroOfTime Måned siden
Was it the camera or was the car leaning in the intro?
Tisha Hayes
Tisha Hayes Måned siden
Fly away little bird, fly away, fly away
Andrew Parry
Andrew Parry Måned siden
.....Albert park is a public road that turns into a racetrack.
random-guy-from-the_Internet Måned siden
joshua wilson
joshua wilson Måned siden
*sponsored by super cheap auto* Down the straight- 'RepcoRepcoRepcoRepcoRepcoRepcoRepcoRepco' 🤣🤣🤣
Joshua Devers
Joshua Devers Måned siden
I'm crying, this is more than a car... This is a human story about growth and overcoming challenges and learning. Cheers to you mate, for passing this on to someone so they can change and learn and grow. I wish everyone had such an opportunity, the world would be a better place. ✌️
fabianspec,exe Måned siden
Thanks for sharing the experience! Awesome.
Thomas Hole
Thomas Hole Måned siden
What an awesome experience that must have been!!
SimRacingGuy Måned siden
Have the same engine in my Toyota celica 2ZZ-GE although it hasnt got a supercharger on it....... YET. Just a good old lift cam.
Daniel Moore
Daniel Moore Måned siden
'This week on car sales' How cool is seeing this car go from nugget to beast nugget and whomever'th is granted the opportunity to enjoy it i hope they respect it. What a cool car
Kiwi V8
Kiwi V8 Måned siden
The plural of Lotus is Lotus.
scott camilleri
scott camilleri Måned siden
Props for pronouncing the town name right xD people fuck it up all the time
James Runyon
James Runyon Måned siden
Stepping up the motion graphics yet again! Great intro. Are you guys doing the graphics these days?
Mike Carnot
Mike Carnot Måned siden
hope your passion and humility is inspiring to everyone without the need to make d#$& head of one self. what a great entertaining and funny video.
MuleBurger33 Måned siden
Moog I think you should do an episode with a Pro teaching you to rev match. It would give you more confidence on the track. Love your work.
Akram Jerab
Akram Jerab Måned siden
So, what happened with Turbo Yoda, Mechanical Stig, and Haltech Scotty?
Andy J Can’t
Andy J Can’t Måned siden
Beautiful story. And what a way to end it!
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