The Last SKUNK FIGHTER | Nugget CIVIC Build (EP6)

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Mighty Car Mods

5 dager siden

Work continues on this rubbish Civic we bought off Facebook. In this episode we focus on the B16 engine, getting it ready to drop into the filthy nugget so we can drop some mad hectic FWD skids.
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Mighty Car Mods
Mighty Car Mods 4 dager siden
IRON ON CHOPPED PATCHES! Throw one on your bag, shirt, or goat.
nebulae1992 2 dager siden
that rubber thing in your spark plug well was a rubber from inside a spark plug socket. they hold the end so it doesnt fall out of the socket when you lower it down the hole.
Adam Ferreira
Adam Ferreira 2 dager siden
don't bother, whoever is in charge of shipping can't read... you won't get your packages, but they'll take your money...
Healthy Mind Healthy Body
Healthy Mind Healthy Body 3 dager siden
N/A - wouldn't hurt to do a bit of porting tho
A design for life
A design for life 3 dager siden
@Bret Jefferson have to settle for an adopted brother from another mother im 35 myself
Bret Jefferson
Bret Jefferson 3 dager siden
@A design for life if I wasn't 35, I'd ask you to adopt me...immediately hahaha. And yeah I've met a couple here in Southern Murica. Get your willy righteous mad
Elías Enrique Montalvo
Elías Enrique Montalvo 2 timer siden
Hey guys! Why don't you do some work on the cylinder head like making a biger intake and exhaust port. Biger cams and give degree on the valves. It will be a really fun video and then we can se if this adds some unicorns to the car. With you the best ... ket it going! From Puerto Rico 🇵🇷
Jimmy TheHand
Jimmy TheHand 3 timer siden
Did you put your plug in a toilet roll for that shot when you were installing them?
Tanner Bass
Tanner Bass 5 timer siden
Those offroad tires are going on the Honda right?
Ryan Baran-Maguire
Ryan Baran-Maguire 9 timer siden
Will we be seeing the Gemini again? 👀
Todor Todorov
Todor Todorov 9 timer siden
Why everytime we gotta listen to how inferior to the rest is Honda. Because that's complete bulshit!!! I wanna see Subaru makes 200hp on a 2.0L NA engine. Hell, slightly tuned K20z3 makes over 215 whp again NA engine, slap a Turbo and that 2.0L will outperform any Subaru 2.0l engine. How about new Gen Honda iVTEC Turbo compare that to a Subaru and see which engine is more durable and reliable and capable of making more power. No need to hear from you, It Is the Honda engine just better build.
Joe Fro
Joe Fro 12 timer siden
Should have done another MX-5
Super milsim dude
Super milsim dude 13 timer siden
If its not too late a type r oil pump might be nice while its out
yasio bolo
yasio bolo 14 timer siden
Is it bad that I like the vlog style videos better than the produced ones? It feels more personal and you get to see “normal” interactions.
Haha Fu
Haha Fu 15 timer siden
I loved that movie.
Andrew 17 timer siden
0:01 martys balls now need to go "IN THE BIN"
yasio bolo
yasio bolo 14 timer siden
Loved the last star fighter. Plus reminds me slightly of Enders game.
Toto Abicyclette
Toto Abicyclette 19 timer siden
'You have been recruited to protect the Line against Xur and the Ko-Dan armada', or something like that. I prefered the book, tho.
Kyle Paton
Kyle Paton 22 timer siden
Ah the old spark plug down the toilet paper tube CGI Magic
Nick Pedroza
Nick Pedroza 22 timer siden
The “POV” paper towel roll from in the engine putting in the spark plug and going into the ziplock bag is great 😂 . Excellent cinematography
Beaudoin Motorsports
Beaudoin Motorsports Dag siden
Kicked the Balls so hard it shut his mic off
cudartify Dag siden
I’ve totally seen that movie!
Τheodosis Vasilakos
Τheodosis Vasilakos Dag siden
Whats the name of the song in the intro?
Rafael Velazquez
Rafael Velazquez Dag siden
What happened to the music? Did I miss something?
That1guy81 Dag siden
You should lube the oil filter gasket
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt Dag siden
11:10 was so brutal, Moog's brain had to reboot.
Daniel Parkinson
Daniel Parkinson Dag siden
I love you guys so much i won't even bother telling you about all the stuff you missed. thanks for the laughs.
z3dz zed
z3dz zed Dag siden
I would like to see a few upgrates on the engine, like cams , maybe an improved head for some higher revving tbh.
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt Dag siden
spark plug insertion action shot @ 12:49. +10pts for the effort. was that a toilet paper tube?
Edward Incierto
Edward Incierto Dag siden
Great content once again! Please do a Nissan Pulsar or Primera soon! And a 1.6 Nissan Sentra/Sunny. You guys would probably like how torque-y that engine is. Stay safe you guys!!
Chip in4seven
Chip in4seven Dag siden
The Alpha Tauri ⛳
Diego Murillo
Diego Murillo Dag siden
I always said it in my head, he looks like Borat
Ian Mercaldi
Ian Mercaldi Dag siden
Loved the last star fighter. Plus reminds me slightly of Enders game.
Kevin Louwrens
Kevin Louwrens Dag siden
Something is very odd in your new videos.... where's the background music and funny editing?
TheEquilibriate Dag siden
That cam shot down the dunny roll, nice!
Jon Riddle
Jon Riddle Dag siden
When this build is over they should drive the whole care into a giant bin.
DJ Jiff
DJ Jiff Dag siden
right at the end, whats that steering wheel for and the matching head gear?
Staypuff Duncanlemp
Staypuff Duncanlemp Dag siden
Why would you not clearance the bracket before the intake
Jared The Pretender
Jared The Pretender Dag siden
haha my mind went right is that the Last StarFighter song ? 3 sec later CONFIRMED! hehe
Fluffy BeachVibes
Fluffy BeachVibes Dag siden
Last Star Fighter lol nfw!! That's a awesome old times movie from the 80's. 👍👍👍👍🍺
Jamaal Chanroo
Jamaal Chanroo Dag siden
Why does the "Last star fighter" sound exactly like "Enders Game"
RagdedizzleHD Dag siden
I miss the days when you had to jack up te car to change the radio head unit
tomfum Dag siden
I got one of those spoon facemasks, they ft really nicely, almost as nice as a turboed b16
Omegapig Dag siden
spark plug insertion action shot @ 12:49. +10pts for the effort. was that a toilet paper tube?
Shrapnel 118
Shrapnel 118 2 dager siden
Do this to that wrank old rocker cover.
RELAXcowboy 2 dager siden
“Greetings, Starfighter! You have been recruited by the Star League to defend the frontier against Xur and the Ko-Dan Armada.”
rob lincham
rob lincham 2 dager siden
Can’t believe no one is going to mention that all the fiddling around cleaning the spark plug wells, that the engine is on a stand turn it upside down!, Painful to watch. Finally gets the idea of using the stand for the oil filter and does it the wrong way up...I guess watching a German engineer work would not be as entertaining
Gravstein 2 dager siden
Super advanced tip: Lay down some cardboard so the floor don't get full of oil
JDM n Euro Mossy
JDM n Euro Mossy 2 dager siden
Yeah my Honda civic couldn't have been built without the angle grinder it's the number 1 tool for Honda mods 🤔😁🤣
Lewis Churchouse
Lewis Churchouse 2 dager siden
Is the rubber part off the inside of a spark plug socket
Kyle02 2 dager siden
You forgot to oil up the seal for the oil filter
Location Oneandtwo
Location Oneandtwo 2 dager siden
Hey boys I know it's a Longshot that you will actually read my comment but I just wanted to say.....licking that guys get progressively funnier with age and I've been watching your videos for the last 10 years. Give her a full send boys!
ceerw buty
ceerw buty 2 dager siden
The paper towel/tp roll for the spark plug inserting camera shot was hilarious and professional at the same time
TheGreatMunky 2 dager siden
Ha! I actually recognized that as the theme from The Last Starfighter. Great movie.
Shaun Mccaughan
Shaun Mccaughan 2 dager siden
How come you didn't install some wilder cams while you had the engine that far stripped down?
ceerw buty
ceerw buty 2 dager siden
anyone has had the EXTREME displeasure of changing an Oil Filter on an 85-88 Nissan Maxima... I've STILL got a scar or two from THAT monstrosity!!!🔥🔥🔥😠😠😠😭😭😭 ~
Daniel Bargas
Daniel Bargas 2 dager siden
I was going to say, cheap forged rods, pistons, head studs and a Frankenstein eBay turbo kit
Aleksander Tasevska Jensen
Aleksander Tasevska Jensen 2 dager siden
I'd love to see MCM one day mod the hell out of a fans' car. But a fan who has a really abnormal car to mod. Like a Kia Picanto or something lmao
alch3myau 2 dager siden
couldnt you think of a bad movie to ruin the name of?
Jason Fellon
Jason Fellon 2 dager siden
The last starfighter reference was kick ass but can you name the planet they went to in the movie after he was picked up from earth?
Manny Tech
Manny Tech 2 dager siden
Moog's mic is out.
Ctrl Alt Delete
Ctrl Alt Delete 2 dager siden
You know you have to make an "in the bin" t-shirt now right....
Jay Manaki
Jay Manaki 2 dager siden
The last Starfighter was epic! You could name the civic, Centauri ( the name of the guy that shows up to collect you if you beat the high score ) as I remember they fly past a cop in this futuristic car and the cop's speed radar goes up to the limit 😁 🚔 🚓
yama 2 dager siden
time for the civic *"kicks eachother balls"*
Daxton Anderson
Daxton Anderson 2 dager siden
I saw him take the spark plugs out and immediately said "IN DA BINNN" to myself, guess where they went?? 😂
Ryan Fraser
Ryan Fraser 2 dager siden
5:34 lol I cant stop laughing
Tim Howard
Tim Howard 2 dager siden
"That's the end of the distributor lead" It could also be the little rubber bits that go inside a spark plug socket that hold the spark plugs when you remove them. They have a tendency to fall out.
Clint White
Clint White 2 dager siden
So the car market is obviously different in Australia. And I know you guys don't get the appeal of the Civic. But at least in the USA, the Civic is one of the best cheap cars to modify. There are other cheap cars here that are fast. But they handle like shit & get like 5 MPG. And there are other cheap cars that handle well that have zero tuning potential or very little aftermarket support. And this is another thing, You guys have done a lot of swaps from other makes into different cars. Not all, but in most USA states it is illegal to put an engine from a different make into a different car. But with Honda and the Civic especially, you can put just about every engine from Honda or Acura in there, pass emissions, get good gas mileage and have fun building a car from humble or crumbled beginnings. It's a great first car. If you get into cars, it's cheap and relatively easy to repair or to modify. There is a lot of aftermarket tuning support available from companies like Hondata, Hasport, Skunk2, Hybrid Racing and many others. And a lot of local communities and an enormous pool of used and new parts available. And in the process you can make new friends and talk about mad car things. Or just support one another. Like you guys do. So this is my THESIS on why the Civic is a great car. Especially the older ones.
idriwzrd 2 dager siden
All this time and money when you could've had more powerz and reliability with a stock CR-V K24 engine.
Ryan Fraser
Ryan Fraser 2 dager siden
2:05 lol you can see the bottom if the bag being open
Torque2Spec 2 dager siden
"That one ain't never torquing up, someone's had a go at that before." ...that statement can be used for many things in life.
Carmine's RC Tips and Tricks!
Carmine's RC Tips and Tricks! 2 dager siden
The Skunk FITS!!(some GRINDING required)😜 Moog: "Easiest Oil Filter change ever" Yeah.... I'll bet the Engineers said the same - when the Engine was OUT of the Car!!! 😖😠 (OK, they're not the hardest Filter to get at. But on a HOT Summer Day, after the Car has been in line, idling for about 20 minutes - you'll get SCORCHED!! 🔥🔥) Side note - if anyone has had the EXTREME displeasure of changing an Oil Filter on an 85-88 Nissan Maxima... I've STILL got a scar or two from THAT monstrosity!!!🔥🔥🔥😠😠😠😭😭😭 ~ BEHIND the Engine, UNDER the Exhaust Manifold, AGAINST the Firewall, with SEVERAL Hoses and Pipes. Barely enough room to SQUEEZE your Arm in, against that 1000 Degree Manifold!! MERCIFULLY, by 1989, Nissan moved the Filter to an accessible spot!!
bullitt210 2 dager siden
That bit of rubber was the insert from a cheap spark plug socket!
Keith Renaud
Keith Renaud 2 dager siden
Cant wait for the dyno vid
Alpha Major01
Alpha Major01 2 dager siden
“ does this fit my Honda?” Skunk2 Intake Manifold : NO. 😂😂
General Links
General Links 2 dager siden
this reminds me of Super Gramps
CoockyAlix 2 dager siden
In a bin , i love it 😂😂👍
TFiPW 2 dager siden
disrespected dentist
DrRenegade 2 dager siden
Plot twist! the cars name is BIN
kawasaki eddy
kawasaki eddy 2 dager siden
How much money could they make by selling MCM in the bin parts lol ADM Civic parts
Aaron Barker
Aaron Barker 2 dager siden
the rubber bit was a retainer bushing from a sparkplug socket. Kinda like that installation tube NGK sent you, but inside the socket. Somebody has probably already said this in the comments but I haven't looked.
Steve McRichards
Steve McRichards 2 dager siden
"That one ain't never torquin' up." Keep an eye on "that one." I can kind of tell you guys aren't entirely convinced and I have learned to expect that reaction from non-Honda guys. I think once the car is on the dyno and see the result you will be happy with the power.
Cody 2 dager siden
15:12 why didn't you put oil around the rubber seal
imDusty x
imDusty x 2 dager siden
That battery air compressor is awesome!
DANNY LEE 2 dager siden
Me and my brother can do it in June screwup in a Honda Civic in one day
Dan Bonnett
Dan Bonnett 2 dager siden
The Last Starfighter! I own it lol, remember watching it as a kid.
Peter Robins
Peter Robins 2 dager siden
Cool video...I will possibly be very disappointed when a video comes without "In the Bin!" Look forward to hearing when fans yell "In the Bin!" when they see you guys at events :-)
Skeeta MacGyver
Skeeta MacGyver 2 dager siden
Hey Marty- I heard a rumour that MCM will be running a 24hrs of lemons race this year?
christian vlek
christian vlek 2 dager siden
That was the grommet out of a spark plug socket
Idiot Savant
Idiot Savant 2 dager siden
15:15 Moog dry fit the oil filter 😬 Got to oil that ring mate!
Daniel Soon
Daniel Soon 2 dager siden
That Spoon mask tho...
rin0xxx 2 dager siden
omfg something new every time i cant stop laughing, licking the nuts to go on
Cerberus Tenshi
Cerberus Tenshi 2 dager siden
Pepe LeCivic? Civic LePew? With so much Skunk in there...
space migration
space migration 2 dager siden
5:34 i spat my drink out hahaha
David Stebbings
David Stebbings 2 dager siden
The old plugs were put in and tightened wile the engine was warm/hot that's why they are so hard to get out when cold.... NEVER do that
Mindseas 2 dager siden
Ahh, you guys are such a fun ride to follow! Thank you so much for all the awesome you've brought with you on here, and look forward to the next and the one after that :)
Mindseas 2 dager siden
5:00 You mean Ender's Game?
Keith Haynes
Keith Haynes 2 dager siden
I think that was the very first plugs you blokes have ever torqued haha
Jorge A. Naranjo
Jorge A. Naranjo 2 dager siden
"Why, because you have an Audi?" HAHAHAHAHA
Loso Variant
Loso Variant 2 dager siden
this comment probably go in the bin, but in this plastic gaskets need a thin layer of gasket maker in both sides
Acme 2 dager siden
I've never used a torque wrench in my life, on anything. Suspension, engine, etc. I should start...
Joshua Smith
Joshua Smith 2 dager siden
More in the bin clips!!! Keep it coming in future vids please.
The Viewer
The Viewer 2 dager siden
fark, i'm off to play some Hot Pursuit Remastered
Shayne Williams
Shayne Williams 2 dager siden
So he grinds material off the one thing that needs to seal properly rather than mod a mounting bracket stupid
reginald burks
reginald burks 2 dager siden
Wow These guys look old for teenagers !!
Al Molina
Al Molina 2 dager siden
I'm loving this build. Reminds me of my teenage Honda days.
Sixsagoon 2 dager siden
Have you guys ever met Paul Cruze? The Improved Productions Nis S13 driver did great last weekend at Victoria!! Go Nissan!
Tim Otheus
Tim Otheus 2 dager siden
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