Spoon your SKUNK until he MUGENS - CIVIC Build (EP5)

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11 dager siden

This Civic already stinks so we may as well add a Skunk. We saved this nugget from automotive apocalypse and now we are fixing it. But the more we do, the more problems we find. Luckily we bought a 2nd hand Skunk and fed it some Mugen with a spoon...
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Mighty Car Mods
Mighty Car Mods 10 dager siden
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TheRealMrCods 9 dager siden
Got mine, thanks
backwoods life
backwoods life 9 dager siden
@car guy newb 🤢🤮 they need to do a ls honda swap on a honda integra type r ..or reg integra ..with the double eye headlights.. Make it a type r rep ..with a ls .. Then again ..that gsr lsd a beast 🤔🤔🤔
car guy newb
car guy newb 9 dager siden
I making a suggestion for mcm to do a v6 camry build for laughs
backwoods life
backwoods life 9 dager siden
@car guy newb do what I don't own a v6 camary either .the fuck u want one for
backwoods life
backwoods life 9 dager siden
Turbo setup
BighomieJ5x -
BighomieJ5x - 4 timer siden
Hey guys ,I really do think that's the wrong oil pump, "PR4" is a part # for the non-vtec engines (B18A/B), you would need "PR3" (B16A1-4) or "P72" (B18C1) or "P73" (Type-R)
therealshafto 10 timer siden
I currently have an ST205 Celica GT4 and a 98 Integra (essentially a civic). My Honda is closer to my heart than the GT4. As others have said, there is something about the 'feel' of the car. I feel like Hondas are the energetic puppy, happy to spring up and go for a run. Then of course super reliable. I also enjoy things that rev!
G Fan 1
G Fan 1 22 timer siden
I like Hondas cause they're a bit crap, but in a good way
bowgoestwang 23 timer siden
That plug looks the right way up here in North America.
liltliltliltlilt Dag siden
It's the right way up for the rest of us 🤫
Aniq Roslan
Aniq Roslan Dag siden
Mugen (Moo-gehn) means "Infinite" in Japanese
ZaneofAustin Dag siden
yall should pimp an opel, or a saturn if you wanna get fancy
Blake Bennett
Blake Bennett Dag siden
The first car I could afford to buy was a civic. And it was so capable. I love them. I have one now for fun. Parts are cheap and can be fun to drive. It's my daily because of gas. I have other cars but I sti.love my civic
Mark Plenty
Mark Plenty Dag siden
You don’t need the vin, they can do it from engine number and exploded diagrams! Haha, Honda guys at dealerships... the amount of arguments I had with them! 😂😂
Chob 86
Chob 86 Dag siden
Lmao when moog put the mask on looked like a seen out of saints row all he needed was a dildo bat 😂
jevoniscool Dag siden
Canadian perspective on the honda love: Performance japanese cars in decent shape are $20k, civic in decent shape $2k. Everything here rusts so if it wasnt made in the millions or the last 10 years it is just crazy expensive.
Swami-G Dag siden
"You could spoon a skunk until he mugens" LOLOL
Martin Meaney
Martin Meaney Dag siden
I could not let that blank stay upside down lol
Sander Callebaut
Sander Callebaut 2 dager siden
This is so accurate. My Honda dealership basically only wants to help if you drive a bone stock Jazz and are at least 60 years old...
N Ybarra
N Ybarra 2 dager siden
Translation = Crane your Skunk without limits!!!
Graham Sutherland
Graham Sutherland 2 dager siden
It's ok that you put the blanking plate in upside-down. You're in Australia, so it's the right way up for us.
Juan Echeverria
Juan Echeverria 2 dager siden
Because the hatch. In the Bin. 🇺🇸
eddohan 3 dager siden
(Old) Honda's dont break down and really low maintenance costs!
Mystical Zeus
Mystical Zeus 3 dager siden
So in the states we hate on people with civics because they are usually rice boxes. I like the old 90's hatch backs and curvy (or boxy but that's the only way I like a curved hatch) usually, or unless they have lots of meetup lines without being bulky like a widebody BRZ or GT86 or something with tons of aero. although WRC cars really do something for me. I like a sleek design with a curvy hatch. slammed hatch I prefer either way.
Rhys Crossley
Rhys Crossley 3 dager siden
Dude was that intro partially made from the Power Rangers intro theme? xD
RS2 HOON 3 dager siden
If I accidently installed a part with the logo not oriented properly, I'd have to strip everything back apart to fix it. That means replacing all the gaskets that are ruined now after taking it apart again. The OCD is REAL...
Zachary Kenfield
Zachary Kenfield 3 dager siden
Please boost it
john smith
john smith 3 dager siden
Also you should go back and shim your oil pump with a washer or two to up your oil pressure a bit to prolong the longevity of that little motor.
john smith
john smith 3 dager siden
You poor twits Honda motors have the VIN plate attached to them for the corresponding car they came from. You could have searched for it and gave that Honda parts man the VIN number and been well on your way.
gravelbags 247
gravelbags 247 3 dager siden
Thank god you fixed that logo, I was going crazy that you put it in wonky
David Kusel
David Kusel 3 dager siden
Why does marty keep kicking moog in the balls?
Bas e
Bas e 3 dager siden
Never thought a Honda would be so much fun. 😁
ROboatNinja 3 dager siden
Will they not just take the VIN number off the block when you order original parts?
J. 3 dager siden
love the roshamboe intros
Shelton DeLouch
Shelton DeLouch 3 dager siden
Most epic title I've ever seen in my life 👉🏽👌🏽
Luke O'Neill
Luke O'Neill 4 dager siden
get a BMW and use REALOEM then you will have no issues as the part numbers a readily available and can be associated with the VIN of your car :)
Frieb5 4 dager siden
Come on now I was waiting to actually see the wheels you guys are gonna use. I feel ripped off and emotional bahahahaha. The last 2 mins was a cracka
MrSir 4 dager siden
lol Moog
Paulo Oliveira
Paulo Oliveira 4 dager siden
Because Honda’s cheap and fast... faster than most cheap cars... and it sounds good!
Dustin B
Dustin B 4 dager siden
You should never ever use brake cleaner to clean something before you weld. I know you said you brushed it and cleaned it again.. but welding over residual brake cleaner can produce phosgene gas that can kill you. If you use brake cleaner, make sure it's non-chlorinated.
Patrick Cail
Patrick Cail 4 dager siden
You should make a shirt with marty's cartoon out line saying in the bin
Elliott Gillespie
Elliott Gillespie 4 dager siden
You know I was actually having a really great day until I saw how you installed those camshaft blanks and seals, thanks for that
Kruger Kirston
Kruger Kirston 4 dager siden
the upside down and sideways logos... you guys kill me!
Monkey Poo Sports
Monkey Poo Sports 4 dager siden
Civic had built a reputation for reliability in the US by the 90's. That has a lot to do with it. Affordability was probably next, parents bought their kids these for their first car....and then there is the ubiquitous nature of the vehicle and its parts. Anyone can work on them....mix in a movie called Fast and Furious, and boom...
J B 4 dager siden
is it just me or was this video like crazy quiet?
Martynas Sadlauskas
Martynas Sadlauskas 4 dager siden
Guys I have OEM 96-00 Civic EJ6 EJ7 EJ8 service manual on my hard drive!!! If you want it, just send me a message and will send you a link to download it!
Martynas Sadlauskas
Martynas Sadlauskas 4 dager siden
Head B16/B20 block = 210-230Hp; or you can do even B16/H23 = Frankenstein!!!
Jupp Zmuda
Jupp Zmuda 5 dager siden
Electric Car??? You aren't going full bonkers, are you?
BIGSISS91 5 dager siden
Happy V tech man needs his own sticker lol
Patrick Atchison
Patrick Atchison 5 dager siden
Moog you asked why a Civic? Here in Canada they were everywhere. The age of F&F was a big motivator and the fact that things are cheap and easy to work on. Great starter car. My 97 Si really helped me be able to work on my 17 Golf R and 17 Focus RS. I still have the old girl, but its on the back burner now obviously.
Matthew Black
Matthew Black 5 dager siden
When o-rings and gaskets have to be reused, Stag the fuck out of them. Stag them until no fuck is left in them. Mmmmmmmmm Stag.
Tim Hamlett
Tim Hamlett 5 dager siden
Things I learned today that will assist in my Oz migration documentation: 'okky straps' = 'bungee cords'. Win.
Brian Urrutia
Brian Urrutia 5 dager siden
Great videos!!!! You guys should hook me up with that manifold its still a working oem part it makes me 😭 seeing anything go to waste
WAR Hoo 5 dager siden
Hey you guys, HELP!
Roger B
Roger B 5 dager siden
Add a CRV rear end to this and make it AWD, that will make i this build interesting!
Grumpy Modeler
Grumpy Modeler 5 dager siden
You guys should make the VTEC switch manual sp that you can flip the switch from inside the cockpit.
Andrew Kiefer
Andrew Kiefer 5 dager siden
I can’t believe Honda won’t sell you parts if you have done an engine swap. That is just stupid
BjornFSE 5 dager siden
RJ Lamb
RJ Lamb 5 dager siden
In the Northern Hemisphere thats Right Side Up
Ryan vtec
Ryan vtec 5 dager siden
reliable 8000rpm vtec
Matthew Kelley
Matthew Kelley 5 dager siden
Last minutes editing was a joy.
Bill Shearer
Bill Shearer 5 dager siden
You guys are amazing critical thinkers, thank you for the years of content.
Pops Smith
Pops Smith 5 dager siden
But the wheels...gotta wait?
adam s
adam s 5 dager siden
What fell off at the Dr? His belly button knot ?
adam s
adam s 5 dager siden
A CIVIC TO AN AMERICAN : We see that car as a goto to turn into the car we couldn't get over here in the states prior to the mid 2000s. We had NO boosted little eco cars AT ALL. No tuner type cars what so ever... Just look how much now the markets changed in terms of types of vehicles from 1999 to now in the usdm
Bushmaster 5 dager siden
9:44 kill me
Ross Papele
Ross Papele 5 dager siden
Anyone know how they edit videos? What they shoot with, software etc?
RRR Motorsports
RRR Motorsports 5 dager siden
Low key Marty is falling for the Honda Think Moog liked the s2k more than he let on
Kev Cross
Kev Cross 5 dager siden
You should do an electric conversion to one of the cars!!!!
Ronnie Calhoun
Ronnie Calhoun 6 dager siden
You guys seriously need to do a review on the new Veloster N
Jack Kello
Jack Kello 6 dager siden
Come on mate we want to see the civic running mate!
TylerMayhem 6 dager siden
I own a lot of honda stuff but motorbikes, not cars. And they are built very well. 90s and early 2000s ones that is.
Josh 6 dager siden
Moog should pay homage to his home town and do a episode on the Launceston Blockie Route. And Targa Tasmania 🧑‍🤝‍🧑🚗💨
Ricky Etto
Ricky Etto 6 dager siden
Can you get that mtb dirty!
craig forecast
craig forecast 6 dager siden
Just turbo it and it will become one of the fastest and most fun car you’ll drive.. Guaranteed
g0atNZ 6 dager siden
Throw a gear kit and some decent slicks on it before you take it to the track. It's definitely not going to be fast compared to other cars you've owned and worked on but you'll be pleasantly surprised how fast it can be driven and how capable it'll be at the track. Smiles per $ is way up there.
D S 6 dager siden
Bruuhh moog's beard go grey overnight?
moto czub
moto czub 6 dager siden
9:38 it's upside down because Australia is in the southern hemisphe
Roman Reach
Roman Reach 6 dager siden
please, make a project with BARRA engine.
Александр Серьёзный
Александр Серьёзный 6 dager siden
Ребят по медленнее вас Русские смотрят)
Jake Birchler
Jake Birchler 6 dager siden
Last 2 minutes was awesome loved it haha
Super Man
Super Man 6 dager siden
Not sure if you really care, but in the early 2000’s the WRX, Evos, and the STI came to the USA. My 93 civic with less than $8000 total invested including the purchase of the car, gobbled all these cars up. I made 215.4whp with an LS/vtec build and my car weighed barely over 2000lbs. I ran 12’s at the strip and the car was my daily driver, not comfortable though. Not the fastest car, but very little on the road could keep up on mountain roads or from a dig. It was fun, loud, scary at speed, cheap, and quick. My civic had a reputation, people sought me out to race. I was “that green 4-door,” it still makes me laugh. Miss that car. K-series are awesome, but my heart is with the b.
Tyler Wildman
Tyler Wildman 6 dager siden
Please turbo it so you can understand fully why ppl build hondas
uziel suarez
uziel suarez 6 dager siden
Really hope you guys put the key lock for the main pulley. You can clearly hear it hit the ground as soon as you pull off the pulley from the crank.
Tyson C
Tyson C 6 dager siden
Moog, tells us how you really feel about Honda’s.😆 So do you guys believe in Aliens 👽? I think they like Honda owners!? No?
BubbaGTi 6 dager siden
I nearly vomited when the blanking plug first went in...
Aurimas Kliokys
Aurimas Kliokys 6 dager siden
I like HONDa need for speed Underground 2 And F&F :D
oblio125 6 dager siden
I hope I don't win this car, 'cause the first thing I'm going to have to do is pull part of the engine apart to get that blanking plug flipped over. You are mischievous humans.
Skullinhand Underground
Skullinhand Underground 6 dager siden
You Guys have inspired me to work on my own car but it sucks being alone with no friends to share with 😷 thanks for being my doggy dudes on the Internet . 2.0L turbocharged car are mad!
Enchanted Wenis
Enchanted Wenis 6 dager siden
Cheap, reliable, hand me downs from our parents, easy to work on, and during when I was a Rice O’ Roni in high school, the B16 head and B20 bottom end Frankenstein motor 🤤🤤🤤🤤, mix and matching engine parts like the old Chevy 350 small blocks our parents used to duct tape together🇺🇸 and vTec bitches!!!!! And could you spell out whatever you called that bungie strap? Haha
Russell Johns
Russell Johns 6 dager siden
your not kicking each other anywhere near hard enough
Thumpa 6 dager siden
I’m guessing there’ll be a vtec man tshirt coming out soon 🤞
Tautvydas Bukauskas
Tautvydas Bukauskas 6 dager siden
Why people like Hondas: they are lightweight, you can get every racing part and put it from one to another and they are cheap... They are very good at cornering, you put upper, lower strut bars, coilovers, a traction bar, and it handles much better. put some aero, some turbo boost and it will be competitive with three or more times more expensive cars on a track. Because of it's double wishbone suspension and little inertia it flies like a gocart. You'll go on a track, you'll see how nice it goes, but I have a bad feeling about the 6gen hatch choice, as I owned one and it handles not so good as the 5th gen or 4th gen. Must be something about the suspension geometry that makes it feel different. The 5th gen sedan with a low turbo boost did handle so perfectly I could go 150kmh sideways and fully control the car and it weighted 1030kg, without any weight reduction. The longer wheelbase and tail makes you feel safe that it will not pass the front end the instance you've lost traction in the rear as you should get with a hatch. (keep the tail soft, better play with anti roll bars, have a big ass wang lol to keep it as a dart arrow) However with a 4gen hatch the tail does not lose it's grip so instantly, maybe because the rear wheels are almost out of the rear end, idk. But the weight of those ef hatchbacks are maybe 800kg or so, so probably that is why those Japanese kanjo guys love them so much. I bet you've seen the Jordan Cox pass lol :D Anyways I am very happy that you guys chose building a civic, as they are underrated cars just because most of them are owned by broke guys, who can not build them properly... And the main problem of a racing world Hondas is that you can not put a turbo in them and just go, because you'll have to put a half of a train rail in it due to the weight regulations, so it becomes like a Bruce Lee on drugs with a bag of bricks, what makes it pointless... Luckily there are time attack events, where you can see how it would look in a fair world.
Piet Boon
Piet Boon 6 dager siden
the old hondas are cheap and realy good . i owned 9 honda,s now and stil having 5 ,, my son owns 2 and we love to work on them and they handle very very good... and engines live is very long.. 900.000 klm is normal. So great brand thanks to mister Honda who is dead now. Sadly thing is not a lot people like them. because they dont know the cars , they drive like race cars with there double wishbone system. Some Honda.s are exspensive now,, NSX ,, for example ..
Brett Shaffer
Brett Shaffer 6 dager siden
I can't believe they required a vin number to order parts. Any time I go to a dealership in america with just a part number, I can buy whatever I need with no questions asked. You can even just give make and model and they will pull up diagrams to help find what you need.
Vuth Sam
Vuth Sam 6 dager siden
I love Honda's reliable engineering and the 90's shows the simplicity of the Honda engineering back in the day. It's very visceral when done correctly. Just overall fun to drive. I don't own any now, but I still love and miss my Honda CRX, Civic, and Integra.
FroztiProductions 6 dager siden
I have a civic and an s2000. Non-honda guys buy an s2000 and immediately rant and rave over how easy they are to work on. Guys like me that started with a civic hate working on our s2000. The civic seems like every bolt was carefully placed so that you can fit a wrench or tool on, in and around it. I'm never scared to fix something on the civic.
jemurdoch4 6 dager siden
VTEC Man is Naruto running
Jake Joraanstad
Jake Joraanstad 6 dager siden
If that's a real Mugen intake manifold I'll take it for our Mugen build!
Alan Heikkila
Alan Heikkila 6 dager siden
Marty, stop yelling "in the Bin" and nut sack kicks. You guys are better than that.
Bobdingle25 6 dager siden
*puts blanking plug in upside down* *foreshadowing*
Jio Dreamur
Jio Dreamur 6 dager siden
I have ocd and i will be thinking about that in bed.
DelusionFX 6 dager siden
Awd swap it
nowr2run 7 dager siden
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