Jimny LIFT KIT Install & Off Road Tyres

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Mighty Car Mods

3 måneder siden

The build of our mad little Jimny continues with a new set of off road tyres and a lift kit.
Next episode, we'll be hitting the dirt!
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Mighty Car Mods
Mighty Car Mods 3 måneder siden
We hope you're enjoying our nugget Jimny 4X4 Build. We've now completed 'Stage 1' (or whatever it's called in 4X4 land) so next episode we can hit the dirt and try it out! After that, what are the other essential mods?
Jordyn Mostert
Jordyn Mostert 25 dager siden
You forgot the lokkas
Stacey Schroeder
Stacey Schroeder Måned siden
That roof rack exceeds the capability (weight) restrictions for the roof itself.
julian x
julian x Måned siden
What is the tyre size
Matt 2 måneder siden
If you arent even at stage 4 level offroad mods yet and are just at lowly level 1 stage mods, then how can you possibly be the best 4WD-24-7-4-ADVENTURE channel on youtube??? And you dont even have an iron jack beer sponsorship yet
Ruslan Buznik
Ruslan Buznik 2 måneder siden
The name should be a “Jimnyciraptor”!!
curtis wilcock
curtis wilcock 6 dager siden
The problem with these jeeps are the weight of the real wheel on the door and the door starts to sag over time with standard bracket
curtis wilcock
curtis wilcock 6 dager siden
Woah nixeee just a mad jimmy love it
Daniel Decker
Daniel Decker 9 dager siden
You know it's a bad beer when he just looks at it and sets it down
Uk4x4 14 dager siden
Brilliant...I actually offroad in the UK and used to have a jimny and also follow the other channels....let me say your getting there 😄😅😅Brilliant guys more please hahaha....
P V 22 dager siden
Have ordered my 3inch lift for my Jimny. Can't bloody wait to stop scrubbing. 2inch lift just isn't enough when you're running wheels with a proper offset.
Average Floridian
Average Floridian 28 dager siden
Sweet. You're at legit Stage 1 now.
Cormac McG 'Off-Roading Donegal'
Cormac McG 'Off-Roading Donegal' Måned siden
Please bring that to Ireland!
James Duncan
James Duncan Måned siden
I simply liked and subscribed due to the " there chumps" comment 🤣
Shalami Måned siden
2Liftd is a good name (copied to spread it)
Aaron Allen
Aaron Allen Måned siden
My Outback has KO2s and can get through anything. You are right Marty.
Rex M S
Rex M S Måned siden
Need more videos of your 4x4. Those are stage 1 mods. Name it Jimny Cricket
jugamcool Måned siden
you guys suck at naming each video, it hard to find which videos came after each
Γιώργος Αντώνης Καραγιάννης
Γιώργος Αντώνης Καραγιάννης Måned siden
I'm years a subscriber and I think you should name the Jimmy "2FLEXY"
pbbbht Måned siden
Exitrax/MaxTrax should be everyone's first purchase for recovery gear when getting into 4wd adventuring..
mick chaganis
mick chaganis Måned siden
Gary Mcnelis
Gary Mcnelis Måned siden
Suzukei Jim 👌🏻
Craig Beharry
Craig Beharry Måned siden
This is funny af, good job gents
Mas Adi Chanel
Mas Adi Chanel Måned siden
Just into the main part of vlog.. dont to much bacoot
SHANNON SPEAR 2 måneder siden
Put 3 Red stripes on it and call it Traitor like Fins Helmet in the force awakens
SHANNON SPEAR 2 måneder siden
KO2’s are All Terrain Tyres Ko3’s are Mud Terrain even more Chunky big gaps to throw the mud out .
Ed Wilko
Ed Wilko 2 måneder siden
import jim's from the uk they're still only £2k some only £800
Chris Parrett
Chris Parrett 2 måneder siden
Up your chimney haha
Holzwurm _HD
Holzwurm _HD 2 måneder siden
idk, call it Jackie or something
Samuelkoek 2 måneder siden
Engine zwap it with a diesel
Дмитрий Лютых
Дмитрий Лютых 2 måneder siden
What is your Jimny - "Cheburashka" (Чебурашка) =))
Oleg Kamentsev
Oleg Kamentsev 2 måneder siden
nopost.info/throw/v-DbpaXUmp53fLs/video about stock car in off-road (sorry for rusian language)
Oleg Kamentsev
Oleg Kamentsev 2 måneder siden
and all russian know that the best off-road car is this all-auto.org/wp-content/cache/thumbs/958620fbb_800x400.jpg
Дмитрий Онищенко
Дмитрий Онищенко 2 måneder siden
Pavel Voronov
Pavel Voronov 2 måneder siden
Ребята, назовите его - " Белый холодильник" Или " походный холодильник" А если смотреть на его размер, среди внедорожников, он больше похоже на стиральную или посудомоечнаэую машину. Так что лучший вариант "ГРЯЗНАЯ стиралка"
Максим Кожевников
Максим Кожевников 2 måneder siden
Joshua Nicolai
Joshua Nicolai 2 måneder siden
I think instead of stages people just say what tires and how much it's lifted in 4x4 trucks
Scott Boyer
Scott Boyer 2 måneder siden
4 Wheel Drive crossover episode with Fred Williams from Dirt Every Day.
StevenMartinGuitar 2 måneder siden
Jimny Cricket
George Dutch
George Dutch 2 måneder siden
Are you nerds serious!? You do a lift kit and new tires and don’t even bother to show it when it’s done!? Just a bunch of yabbering about nothing. Fail. 🤦🏼
Johannes Kainz
Johannes Kainz 2 måneder siden
call it Big J
phantom walker
phantom walker 2 måneder siden
id throw a lot more parts at it,just to be safe,,like a handgrenade..or 2..
Hi Sense
Hi Sense 2 måneder siden
Name it gogga
Robert Hoekman
Robert Hoekman 2 måneder siden
Just Name it My 4X4
JJwaters 2 måneder siden
What if we call the jimnny the CHODE Because it short and thick
olavo theodoro
olavo theodoro 2 måneder siden
Fala muitoe não faz nada.....
kaleb brown
kaleb brown 2 måneder siden
Take the sway bars out
Collen Lombard
Collen Lombard 2 måneder siden
Big jimmy
Oleg Vetkov
Oleg Vetkov 2 måneder siden
I just got quickjacks and just noticed them laying around your shop, like abandoned babies. Did I make the wrong call getting them? What are your thoughts in them...
Mustafa Al-Tamimi
Mustafa Al-Tamimi 2 måneder siden
12:08 The tires should be wider than this size in order to give better stability on the roads and also because the car becomes more height than its width and this makes it unsafe This makes it vulnerable to tipping In addition to the fact that the car has become heavy, it must raise the engine’s power by at least 40 Horsepower And up to 150 Nm of torque
All Things F1
All Things F1 2 måneder siden
When’s the turbo jimmy coming?
BearCHeg 2 måneder siden
Urgently need to put 4 inches of lift and 31 inches of XT tires! Hello from Russia :) I have a JDM Jimny JB23W (with a 660 engine) on 6 inches of lift and 35 inches of tires and it rides like a mini Godzilla!
Thomas Kinsey
Thomas Kinsey 2 måneder siden
Call it the white shadow
chipoplouss 3 måneder siden
not a coopers xpa kind of guy marty?
RILEY BUCHAN 3 måneder siden
Why did I have to watch 10 minutes of bs before final king seeing you do something ?
Mitcho 3 måneder siden
fuck off. those coopers xpa's are good
پوریا شاه بخشی
پوریا شاه بخشی 3 måneder siden
why dont u upgrade engine
Joshua Swart
Joshua Swart 3 måneder siden
What are those wheels off in the background?
Nickel Hound
Nickel Hound 3 måneder siden
Yeah... aggressive... I've seen Golfs run these ATs. I expecting like Hankook Dynapro MTs.
_ PapaSugar
_ PapaSugar 3 måneder siden
In Greece we call them Sujuki that means Greek Meatballs :P
Knights Multi-Media
Knights Multi-Media 3 måneder siden
Name: Jimny Cricket
Omar El Saddik
Omar El Saddik 3 måneder siden
You need a wheel alignment
Ties Meijer
Ties Meijer 3 måneder siden
Looks like somebody's been watching a bit of Shauno and Graham haha
Deven Sharma
Deven Sharma 3 måneder siden
Call it the "Gypsy", similar car in India is named Gypsy
David Smith
David Smith 3 måneder siden
I had a first generation 2 door rav with those exact tires!! How dare you say a rav won't go where that goes. It went everywhere
jamos fishin fnq
jamos fishin fnq 3 måneder siden
should of named it escape pod
Strongboy 72
Strongboy 72 3 måneder siden
What beer were you guys pretending to drink? 😂 #2Liftd or #JimnyHendrix.
hunter100t 3 måneder siden
The car should be called shit pipe because the exhaust will get dirty. yup.
Jamie Lindley
Jamie Lindley 3 måneder siden
A lift kit doesn't give you ground clearance... Only larger diameter wheels/tyres do that.
killerrush77 3 måneder siden
we need a before and after!
m3rc3r888 3 måneder siden
Hi! What paint did you use for the wheels? Thanks!
max fuhri
max fuhri 3 måneder siden
You need manual hubs on the jimny and check for RUST
Aussie Gmh
Aussie Gmh 3 måneder siden
Jimny barnes
E G 3 måneder siden
My k02s are quieter than my wife eco tires...
bushmanpm 3 måneder siden
"Big muddies" AT 215's hahahaha And those diddy little springs, I think I've seen them before on a Land Rover clutch
SasukeLea 3 måneder siden
If you still haven't found a name I'd suggest instead of Sierra Jimmy; you could call it Shirley jimny.
Matthew Zuber
Matthew Zuber 3 måneder siden
you know what else has 4 wheels driven. Focus RS. what's up with that car?
Joesep Spindle
Joesep Spindle 3 måneder siden
I want a Jimny. I live in the united states so I don't think I can have one. The closest thing we have is an old suzuki Samurai or sidekick. The jeep renegade is just a 4x4 fiat 500, but that looks close. I will trade you my 1989 Ford Bronco XLT with a 5.0 Liter V8 for your Jimny. Probably cost too much just to get it over there, but I can dream damn it. I can put 33" tires on mine without a lift kit.
bowen voowy
bowen voowy 3 måneder siden
4WD247 would love this! Please do a collab vid!!
goracks69 3 måneder siden
Today’s Update
Today’s Update 3 måneder siden
Hi , I drive VW Golf 5 1.4 patrol engine and 80 ps . My RPM goes over 4000 when I am at 140 km in 5th gear . Is it normal? Thanks.
bowen voowy
bowen voowy 3 måneder siden
Adam Parrish
Adam Parrish 3 måneder siden
Bring a trophy truck driver to test it!!!
Mike Sacher
Mike Sacher 3 måneder siden
Call it the Jurassic Fark even though it has nothing to do with the films.
James Runyon
James Runyon 3 måneder siden
Jimny Crooked. Because Disney will sue if you use jimny cricket. And because the first time you send it, your gonna bend the body panels all to hell.
Pawel Wolski
Pawel Wolski 3 måneder siden
Locking diffs next please.
Split Iris Bear
Split Iris Bear 3 måneder siden
I'm about to watch the season finale and I swear to the moderators at NOpost if you guys haven't called this thing Jimny Cricket I will be very disappointed.
Watch Me2
Watch Me2 3 måneder siden
Name it 2M4CH0
kaden Galloway
kaden Galloway 3 måneder siden
You want clearance for sure, but if you’re rock climbing red rocks you want the biggest tires you can fit with the lowest you can go
issac smith
issac smith 3 måneder siden
Call it the tic tac
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom 3 måneder siden
Good job.. keep up the good work.?
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom 3 måneder siden
Why didn't you just give it a good jetwash underneath when you washed it.
Blake S
Blake S 3 måneder siden
It would look better with wider tires that stick out a little bit more
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom 3 måneder siden
Call the jimmy (Dirty Jimmy)
Aditya Anugraha
Aditya Anugraha 3 måneder siden
Jimny Hendrix it is! Would be great if Shauno and Jocko of 4WD24/7 shows up...
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom 3 måneder siden
You ain't real wheelin unless your on tons
kye lean
kye lean 3 måneder siden
I'm sure the blokes at 4x4/247 and 4wdAction would be proud 🤣
The EV Guy
The EV Guy 3 måneder siden
Even Moog looked at this dude when he was talking about banning lifted vehicles because it's safer 🤣 We modify for less safety in the USA haha. Awesome episode!
Luke Desousa
Luke Desousa 3 måneder siden
I have those tiers on my truck and they are really bad on the farm and in the mud and snow they plug up right away with snow and mud and have no traction they are good for smoky burnouts just wanted to let you know
Joanna 3 måneder siden
Adam J
Adam J 3 måneder siden
Call it "Cricket"
James Stuart
James Stuart 3 måneder siden
Name this beast LeeAnn
Joanna 3 måneder siden
Oh, you look cool though.
Jake Botelho
Jake Botelho 3 måneder siden
Throw another shim on the Barbie for me too.
Chad thundercock
Chad thundercock 3 måneder siden
Wish I was on that that end of the UHF dickhead
rcjg24 3 måneder siden
I think its funny you guys are making fun of the guys at 4wd24/7 or 4wd action because I watch them a lot too. lol! I'm in the USA and watch more people from Australia than anything else.
Zevz 3 måneder siden
Bush master 😂
C. Dubbleyoo
C. Dubbleyoo 3 måneder siden
I really wish we still got these in N.A.
poiXquared 3 måneder siden
"muddy car mods"
davidfred peter
davidfred peter 3 måneder siden
Call the jimmy (Dirty Jimmy)
Vee Ragavan
Vee Ragavan 3 måneder siden
Why didn't you just give it a good jetwash underneath when you washed it.
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