MODIFIED RS3 Hyper-Hatch // First Drive Reaction and Dyno

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Mighty Car Mods

Måned siden

From stock to hyper-hatch in less than a day! We hit the street in the RS3 for the first drive then jump on the Dyno to see what gains we've made.
Marty also makes an incredible prediction... 🧙
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Mighty Car Mods
Mighty Car Mods Måned siden
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Krishay Mehra
Krishay Mehra Måned siden
Kenan Måned siden
Theres not too many japanese cars, not too many american cars, french cars are flimsy and unreliable, what you have left is german cars. Again I'm speaking for here, not there. Take care.
Kenan Måned siden
@Graeme Johnson Not that I'm against modifiying 'older cars', thats my style too. And although I'm not too much a fan of VW and/or Audi, here in Europe and West Asia, they are the Holdens and Fords to you Aussies Downunder. So yeah, just an observation, not a counter argument.
Graeme Johnson
Graeme Johnson Måned siden
It is only a VW Craut Wagon, that is crap.. Only wankers buy a Audi, or Vw, as a performance car.. Build a proper one, not take short cut.. Any wanker with money can do the same..
Kenan Måned siden
@Pedro gracia If you are trying to get to a highr speed in the least amount of seconds, that isaccelerate, yes it can have negative effect, the older the car the more. But if your aim is to drive at a stable highway speed, no worries. It will merely add a wee little bit to your fuel consumption, again the older the car the more, very very inconsiderable compared to the benefits of having ac on on a hot day.
curtis wilcock
curtis wilcock 6 dager siden
Woajhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh that’s sickkkk love it nice work
Agni Das
Agni Das 8 dager siden
3:06 ... so going from a rolling 40 to 90 and accelerating evenly into the top end... hmm sounds a lot like ... a CIVIC with V-TEC. Huh. Think one of these drivers is a total knob with fanboy bias who gets angry or happy when he sees a brand name instead of looking at what it does. What a way to live as a total knob lol.
K A 23 dager siden
Marty has to get an M140i xDrive now, so you could do a proper daily driver battle. 😎
Lemarc Daniels
Lemarc Daniels 24 dager siden
Wojak 25 dager siden
I feel like the turbo sound is from speakers
MrPartyWaffle 25 dager siden
Jamison Ryun
Jamison Ryun 28 dager siden
Michael France
Michael France 29 dager siden
I got an ST and drive it everyday and love it a lot. You guys got an RS and rate it #3. FML.
TooManyToys Måned siden
When the next video coming out
Ski Town Street Cred
Ski Town Street Cred Måned siden
This is Badass guys!!!
Krishay Mehra
Krishay Mehra Måned siden
Jim Flagg
Jim Flagg Måned siden
Hyper Hatch - Fast Hatch what is the difference?
Nathanael Shafer
Nathanael Shafer Måned siden
My volvo t5 sounds better then that turd
Alex Sheppard
Alex Sheppard Måned siden
anyone else relise at the end they call it a volkswagen rs3 XD
Jas Cairns
Jas Cairns Måned siden
Bass to the place London!
Henrik Måned siden
I sold my E46 330i, bought and drove a F30 335XD and it's just not fun driving these cars more than a week tbh. I sold it after a year and loathe the no steering feel and RFT. I bought a e46 330i again.
Pawel Kapica
Pawel Kapica Måned siden
That sound is sweet as...
W Morgan
W Morgan Måned siden
V8 e30 boys?
Craylor Måned siden
And now it goes BAHHH GAHHHHHH GARRRRR lmao
Victor Njenga
Victor Njenga Måned siden
hey am victor from kenya how can I get you on Instagram
Steve McRichards
Steve McRichards Måned siden
Marty's butt dyno says what?
Trashtasticus Måned siden
That's a nice 🅱️olks🅱️agen
Ian Fairbanks
Ian Fairbanks Måned siden
starting to get suspicious of these guys. pretty sure they arent even buying these cars. they are probably shop demo cars that loaned to MCM. MCM gets the footage, the shop gets the adverts. everyone wins, and goes home thinking "moog bought another VAG". pretty convenient right? the real builds are the nuggets and other cars that weren't shop demo cars. just a theory. still love the content here,
Absolute Longplay
Absolute Longplay Måned siden
Those guys need to make more music skits I love them!
rainer lindenthal
rainer lindenthal Måned siden
My RS3 got Stage 2 APR with APR Open Air Intake Turbo inlet and APR Intercooler Original with 400 PS its quick but Now its a Beast nothing Sounds better than a 5 Zylinder Turbo
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni Måned siden
The electric space wizard is golden footage that needs to be shared more. These guys are just born to entertain.
Gus Oosthuizen
Gus Oosthuizen Måned siden
You guys need to do another cuore
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni Måned siden
Did they take the chopped sticker off or something before they went to the dyno? 🤔
Loading... Måned siden
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt Måned siden
The opening soundtrack reminds me of the club music in the film blade.
Олександр Ступачок
Олександр Ступачок Måned siden
Guys, remove the railings. They spoil the look of your Hyper-Hatch
Drew Abbott
Drew Abbott Måned siden
I didn’t know you guys were plant based! Even more respect ✊
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt Måned siden
Lol.....i just caught it at 7:35...... vw hyper hatch.....😛. People will be
GeFeldz Måned siden
*Removes ugly license plate holder* *Immediately mounts the license plate crooked* =D
Edward Fletcher
Edward Fletcher Måned siden
Ohhhhhh that sounds HARD !!
ceerw buty
ceerw buty Måned siden
That flash back gave me so many memories of the blue turd
KelseyDunnigan drang
KelseyDunnigan drang Måned siden
*not wearing masks* - *elbow bump*
Daniel Lackas
Daniel Lackas Måned siden
doesnt the rs3 have 400hp stock?
ceerw buty
ceerw buty Måned siden
BubbaGTi Måned siden
Electric Space Wizard will never not be hilarious
Cory Cruzan
Cory Cruzan Måned siden
Fxxxxxx love you guys
Chris Pofahl
Chris Pofahl Måned siden
The suuhtutu 😂👌
snowwolff Måned siden
VolkAudi 🤣
T Måned siden
Cool wagon and undoubtedly fast, but somehow it's just not that interesting. It's like watching someone make a fridge colder
Aaron Reynolds
Aaron Reynolds Måned siden
Did they take the chopped sticker off or something before they went to the dyno? 🤔
William Stewart
William Stewart Måned siden
The electric space wizard is golden footage that needs to be shared more. These guys are just born to entertain.
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt Måned siden
The electric space wizard had me crying
William Stewart
William Stewart Måned siden
Take a reliable car that almost all your fans can afford, a Yaris, do an amazing engine swap that many of your fans could aspire towards, pull it all off in awesome MCM fashion, then kill that series off ASAP. Then buy a car that most fans can't comfortably afford, with long term reliability that few fans want, (#as reliable as a politicians promise long term) then bolt on a million dollars worth of Revo bits you got given for free (?) With unknown long term durability. I get it, why not do it if you could, so therefore you should, and respect to you guys for doing this, and also the 18 hole. It certainty highlights what is possible with that platform. The affordable projects that you are good at bringing to your audience, the essence that fired the passion at the start, that was the catalyst to your incredible success today, the very goodness that the fans flocked towards, please don't let that be lost. Why was Ms Hilton shelved so eagerly? Especially considering Martins one handed soldering skills that catapulted this fine channel into the earballs and eyedrums of so many fans just a few short decades ago.
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt Måned siden
2:27 its not a golf
Russco Aus
Russco Aus Måned siden
Hi bros🇦🇺💯👋
marine0331inf Måned siden
Lol.....i just caught it at 7:35...... vw hyper hatch.....😛. People will be
Thunder250 Måned siden
Could you guys do a revised video on how to import cars from Japan and process required to get the car road legal in Australia?
Morales Gaming Channel
Morales Gaming Channel Måned siden
Can we do another build like the fairlady
jzxturbo Måned siden
RS3 better than the Golf R and GTI???
Darrell Baughman
Darrell Baughman Måned siden
So...using a torque wrench to remove bolts...I'm not judging...but...yeah...otherwise this car is awesome and the sound...they need to hurry up and get the engine sound into a new song I think.
IÑA KI Måned siden
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt Måned siden
Electric Space Wizard makes an appearance at the end
John Arvizu
John Arvizu Måned siden
What MK/Year is this?
Veronica Woodward
Veronica Woodward Måned siden
Can you guys please do a Tesla Roadster? Thanks heaps!
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt Måned siden
So the volks Audi is a "Vaudi"?
African Drone Rookie
African Drone Rookie Måned siden
I need more Electric Space Wizard.
bruno po
bruno po Måned siden
Electric space wizard is of af Loved it
Zar Lawson
Zar Lawson Måned siden
Zar Lawson
Zar Lawson Måned siden
Please do a defender 90 next!!!!
Daniel Grimstead
Daniel Grimstead Måned siden
2:27 its not a golf
Astro Måned siden
The electric space wizard had me crying
Keegan Spencer
Keegan Spencer Måned siden
new intro keeps throwing me off lol
Peter Siperki
Peter Siperki Måned siden
Sounds epic! Mini lambo noise
Z32 TwinTurbo
Z32 TwinTurbo Måned siden
I wish they posted the car companies that help them. Like the link. Cause now I got to re watch the episode. Which I don’t mind but yea.
tgafire87 Måned siden
Love that car! Ideal daily IMO.
Professor WaffleCones
Professor WaffleCones Måned siden
The electric space wizard throwback got me tho
mrcaps1971 Måned siden
Over a year since MCM announced the Gemini build and half a dozen cars in between. We've even had a global pandemic since. Here's hoping we finally get to see the old school nugget. 🤞🙏
TPCV Måned siden
damn that revo workshop looks clean AF
Дима Грузденко
Дима Грузденко Måned siden
Здравствуйте! А вы товары в Россию отправляете? А то на сайте нет нашей страны.
blackcountryme Måned siden
So the volks Audi is a "Vaudi"?
Rick te Kronnie
Rick te Kronnie Måned siden
Volksaudi Golf 3
AVTOинтерес как сделать
AVTOинтерес как сделать Måned siden
Hello guys, as always Well done, everything Audi x fire👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
SpicyJono Måned siden
We want mighty bike mods
pictUre Måned siden
Hi from Russia!
Brian Wise
Brian Wise Måned siden
I'm so proud... my youngest son is autistic and he just started watching you guys today. I have a great picture. Where should I post it?
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon Måned siden
Electric Space Wizard makes an appearance at the end
Brandon Harper
Brandon Harper Måned siden
that has to be one the sexiest sounding exhaust with less than 8 cylinders
Pops Smith
Pops Smith Måned siden
I miss the old theme song, a lot. But another great episode! Hope you race the Lambo!
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon Måned siden
example, this upload being the dyno time and first drive of the RS3 all in 9 minuets, some more driving an maybe some extremal footage or night time driving would of been
Eduard Chamkin
Eduard Chamkin Måned siden
Я тоже такую хочу
Paul or Nothing Experience
Paul or Nothing Experience Måned siden
They’re growing on me. Maybe I’ll test drive one.
Cristian Deluna
Cristian Deluna Måned siden
So excited for a 180sx to be back on the channel soon
Aleksandar Ciric
Aleksandar Ciric Måned siden
I prefer unicorn circuit in between jdm shitboxes than this. Cars should be at least 15 years old,
RS2 HOON Måned siden
Wow, that thing is a beast. I'm curious if the Focus RS is ever going to make a comeback? I was under the impression the FoRS was Moogs daily for a while. So looking forward to this years nuggets!
Taffey Lewis
Taffey Lewis Måned siden
ELECTRIC SPACE WIZARD oh how i missed you
ElFatso Måned siden
2:46 Yea Marty, that's definitely the face of someone who was right about knowing what Moog was going to say.
Kaden Day
Kaden Day Måned siden
How much did this car cost?
Matt Harber
Matt Harber Måned siden
Yawn! Hurry up n finish this piss and move on to a new project
Killy Lokey
Killy Lokey Måned siden
That exhaust note through the tunnel deserves it's on song.
Alex den Hartog
Alex den Hartog Måned siden
289 kw = 394 hp , so all the mods did not increase the power output ? (standard is 400 hp)
Craig Stump
Craig Stump Måned siden
At the *wheels*. Which is different to the engine output, which they said is now 500hp.
Shakhrullam Zikiryarov
Shakhrullam Zikiryarov Måned siden
I love you guys. I've been watching you since "Budget Street Cred (Season Finale)" 2012, so many projects, legendary films and I love it. I bought my first car in 2013 and it was Honda CRV right-hand drive, but where I come from right-hand traffic. After this car, I've had a bunch of JDM cars and that's amazing. So guys now I'm in Russia and here amazing car culture too. And I want to invite you to the RDS championships Grand Prix in Moscow or Sochi as guests. One of the strongest drift series in the world. There are tons of your fans in Russia/ I guess guys from BMI Russia and RDS Russia will be happy to help you with the organization of this trip/ Just check out this drama Thanks a lot for your great job!
Maurice Måned siden
boringgg. let me know when marty does something on his cars
Michael Clay
Michael Clay Måned siden
That’s a bad lil car! Perfect DD!
Smo Kabong
Smo Kabong Måned siden
Just hurry up and sell it already so that you can get a new car that doesn't suck.
Ricardo Bap
Ricardo Bap Måned siden
Hi guys, big fan of the show and a long time follower. Just some criticism from a personal perspective, the most recent content has just been feeling a bit rushed, almost short and commercial. Personally I enjoy when things are more explained, going into more depth of what was done and how it was done, regardless of doing things previously. An example, this upload being the dyno time and first drive of the RS3 all in 9 minuets, some more driving an maybe some extremal footage or night time driving would of been awesome. My favorite content from you guys was still Supergramps build. Anyway, always will be massive fan and keep up the awesome show, looking forward to what you guys have planned. All the way from South Africa.
John K
John K Måned siden
Where’s the Gemini
GamerSX PSN Måned siden
Electric Space Wizard! Marty drops mic and leaves the show as a legend that will forever be remembered. All hail.
brahim qotba
brahim qotba Måned siden
Bouzid rs3 is better
bonestorm007 Måned siden
Bahaha. Youve already managed to ruin a nice car!
Abber Sabsabi
Abber Sabsabi Måned siden
Can't you do your old golf r vs rs3 tell the buyer to race you in your video
alch3myau Måned siden
release video to advertise new shirts I bet.
alch3myau Måned siden
Hey less cruddy ALDI and more Unicorny circumspection
alch3myau Måned siden
that was supposed to say circumcision
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