WRX VS Lotus = A very BAD DAY!
Marty's new car (is not a car)
4 måneder siden
Engine Swapping our BMW E30
We Bought a BMW (Goodbye PuRiTy)
yasio bolo
yasio bolo 15 timer siden
Is it bad that I like the vlog style videos better than the produced ones? It feels more personal and you get to see “normal” interactions.
Trout 1
Trout 1 15 timer siden
Haha Fu
Haha Fu 15 timer siden
I loved that movie.
Shawn Massey
Shawn Massey 15 timer siden
The natural pigeon joly wail because meal microcephaly occur behind a scattered twig. ragged, macho bicycle
XTREMELABS 16 timer siden
i think the real turbo sounds better
AmoJ 17 timer siden
How was this 4 years ago!?
Andrew 17 timer siden
0:01 martys balls now need to go "IN THE BIN"
yasio bolo
yasio bolo 15 timer siden
Loved the last star fighter. Plus reminds me slightly of Enders game.
Meaculpa Mishegas
Meaculpa Mishegas 18 timer siden
The Suzuki is great for this, but I find myself rooting for Marty’s “Little Engine That Could” truck. Gotta love an underdog
Alexander Perminov
Alexander Perminov 18 timer siden
Maaaan, did you seriously throw away the Twin Loop Exhaust? 0_o
Toto Abicyclette
Toto Abicyclette 19 timer siden
'You have been recruited to protect the Line against Xur and the Ko-Dan armada', or something like that. I prefered the book, tho.
Spirescu Cezar
Spirescu Cezar 19 timer siden
Nice turbo noise music :)) i want the tune please
FierceMotorworks 20 timer siden
Boys in the bin
ZaneofAustin 21 time siden
3:26 flawless logic
ZaneofAustin 21 time siden
yall should get a saturn sky and flex on haters.
Kyle Paton
Kyle Paton 22 timer siden
Ah the old spark plug down the toilet paper tube CGI Magic
Tyagadipta Biswal
Tyagadipta Biswal 22 timer siden
"Croissants with hand beaten kale" exquisite taste lol
Nick Pedroza
Nick Pedroza 23 timer siden
The “POV” paper towel roll from in the engine putting in the spark plug and going into the ziplock bag is great 😂 . Excellent cinematography
G Fan 1
G Fan 1 23 timer siden
I like Hondas cause they're a bit crap, but in a good way
N K [Nate] Wood
N K [Nate] Wood 23 timer siden
+Mighty Car Mods: I say, old man! Did yo *"stain"* yo drawers more'n once at that _blind curve_ which included the _abrupt drop_ in the roadway??? Not a track for everyday *_chicken "shites,"_* , eh, Moog?!? 😬
Beaudoin Motorsports
Beaudoin Motorsports Dag siden
Kicked the Balls so hard it shut his mic off
bowgoestwang Dag siden
That plug looks the right way up here in North America.
Noor Zaidi Ahmad
Noor Zaidi Ahmad Dag siden
im jelous at your Evo -9 , regards from kuala lumpur and dannok city.
cudartify Dag siden
I’ve totally seen that movie!
Sean Lewis
Sean Lewis Dag siden
This made me laugh like I put on fur boxers inside out, and cringe like I was bumper surfing naked behind a Unimog down a gravel road. I have more to add, but I'm off to emergency therapy.
SketchbookGuitar Dag siden
I just came back watching them. What project is that 4G69 engine for??
Ozan Kaya
Ozan Kaya Dag siden
i actually think some of these are jokes
liltliltliltlilt Dag siden
It's the right way up for the rest of us 🤫
Narek Dag siden
I would kill to drive this in the uae when some asshole pulls up behind me i dissapear
Aniq Roslan
Aniq Roslan Dag siden
Mugen (Moo-gehn) means "Infinite" in Japanese
Τheodosis Vasilakos
Τheodosis Vasilakos Dag siden
Whats the name of the song in the intro?
Th3Gr33k Dag siden
Love Turbo Yoda's maximum dry sense of humour.
The Book of Lab
The Book of Lab Dag siden
i just gotta say i absolutely love MCM even as an american ive watched every tv episode and every single youtube vid that didnt make it on tv but man.... moogs music production always hits me so hard idk why but everytime i hear the music overlayed parts i always get a lil teary and somber the music moog makes and puts in the vids always brings me this soft acceptance of melancholy like even if you listen to the samples he uses all the lyrics are like "i wish we could feel this way foreverrrrrrrrrrrrrrr" like damn man it just gets me sometimes and it gets hard to watch like having it playing in the background sometimes gets me emotional just cuz of the moment and the music its a crazy thing to feel from people you assumed were just another youtube channel it shows that they are so much more and able to really touch their audience and im thankful af to be apart of that, you guys are awesome.
Rafael Velazquez
Rafael Velazquez Dag siden
What happened to the music? Did I miss something?
Brook Matt1504
Brook Matt1504 Dag siden
28:46 Wh0S dA BAlD gUY
ZaneofAustin Dag siden
yall should pimp an opel, or a saturn if you wanna get fancy
Cam Dag siden
>Like 7 hoses >"Of course it's for an MR-2! Which other car has this many bloody hoses?" Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce to you the 20+ piece silicon hose kit for the Mazda RX-8 from Texas Rotary
4bangerlove Dag siden
In the bin skit. I really like it
TJ Pass
TJ Pass Dag siden
That car now would of been worth of 25k....
That1guy81 Dag siden
You should lube the oil filter gasket
Anthony Lim
Anthony Lim Dag siden
I’ll take your fake turbo 😂🤣
Slimes Speed Shop TV
Slimes Speed Shop TV Dag siden
turbo !
Josh Abrey
Josh Abrey Dag siden
Them b series hondas arent that heavy, 2 of us carry them with tranny still attached at chest height up and down the stairs from our basement on a regular basis
krushing it with kody
krushing it with kody Dag siden
I watch this every month when im down i love your video production and sound it hits the soul!!
steven jackson
steven jackson Dag siden
The far-flung care inferiorly dislike because history ganguly repair between a round spruce. wiggly, useless grenade
Robert ran
Robert ran Dag siden
With ugly rims
william baxter
william baxter Dag siden
30:00 trademark strike there shauno, and looks like jocko is sleeping in the "tray"? Where are the iron jacks?
Blake Bennett
Blake Bennett Dag siden
The first car I could afford to buy was a civic. And it was so capable. I love them. I have one now for fun. Parts are cheap and can be fun to drive. It's my daily because of gas. I have other cars but I my civic
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt Dag siden
11:10 was so brutal, Moog's brain had to reboot.
Daniel Parkinson
Daniel Parkinson Dag siden
I love you guys so much i won't even bother telling you about all the stuff you missed. thanks for the laughs.
z3dz zed
z3dz zed Dag siden
I would like to see a few upgrates on the engine, like cams , maybe an improved head for some higher revving tbh.
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt Dag siden
spark plug insertion action shot @ 12:49. +10pts for the effort. was that a toilet paper tube?
Twiztedmind864 Dag siden
So glad I went to the website, now I know how to cook that delicious steak.
Edward Incierto
Edward Incierto Dag siden
Great content once again! Please do a Nissan Pulsar or Primera soon! And a 1.6 Nissan Sentra/Sunny. You guys would probably like how torque-y that engine is. Stay safe you guys!!
Chip in4seven
Chip in4seven Dag siden
The Alpha Tauri ⛳
Vinayak Mamtani
Vinayak Mamtani Dag siden
What is the average costing for all of this??
firefighter5278 Dag siden
I just love how everybody in the comment section knows how to perfectly revv match a tuned Exige. And they all know how to drive through Bathursts perfect lines. Y'all must be track gods! Not. Dick heads....
Diego Murillo
Diego Murillo Dag siden
I always said it in my head, he looks like Borat
Koito rob
Koito rob Dag siden
8th April 2021... Moog says "and we were throwing them in the bin!" Waits for it... Still waiting for it... Marty? Still waiting... MARTY! Waiting... Oh crap, it's from 2017 😨
Mark Plenty
Mark Plenty Dag siden
You don’t need the vin, they can do it from engine number and exploded diagrams! Haha, Honda guys at dealerships... the amount of arguments I had with them! 😂😂
Ian Mercaldi
Ian Mercaldi Dag siden
Loved the last star fighter. Plus reminds me slightly of Enders game.
Chob 86
Chob 86 Dag siden
Lmao when moog put the mask on looked like a seen out of saints row all he needed was a dildo bat 😂
Steve Boooghatttii
Steve Boooghatttii Dag siden
1:11:24 song name please
Kevin Louwrens
Kevin Louwrens Dag siden
Something is very odd in your new videos.... where's the background music and funny editing?
TheEquilibriate Dag siden
That cam shot down the dunny roll, nice!
Andrew Raiha
Andrew Raiha Dag siden
More of this!
Jan Marušić
Jan Marušić Dag siden
a total dissapointment... ford engine in jdm car and calling it jdm... dissapointed
jevoniscool Dag siden
Canadian perspective on the honda love: Performance japanese cars in decent shape are $20k, civic in decent shape $2k. Everything here rusts so if it wasnt made in the millions or the last 10 years it is just crazy expensive.
Jon Riddle
Jon Riddle Dag siden
When this build is over they should drive the whole care into a giant bin.
DJ Jiff
DJ Jiff Dag siden
right at the end, whats that steering wheel for and the matching head gear?
Swami-G Dag siden
"You could spoon a skunk until he mugens" LOLOL
qujjuqo cedirke
qujjuqo cedirke Dag siden
The determined violet undesirably describe because grape prenatally prefer including a tan afterthought. descriptive, accurate grease
Staypuff Duncanlemp
Staypuff Duncanlemp Dag siden
Why would you not clearance the bracket before the intake
Jared The Pretender
Jared The Pretender Dag siden
haha my mind went right is that the Last StarFighter song ? 3 sec later CONFIRMED! hehe
Fluffy BeachVibes
Fluffy BeachVibes Dag siden
Last Star Fighter lol nfw!! That's a awesome old times movie from the 80's. 👍👍👍👍🍺
James Downie
James Downie Dag siden
A spectacular place - very ethereal! I hope you are being paid by the Australian tourist Board! I am totally impressed by the little Daihatsu Kei truck.
Jamaal Chanroo
Jamaal Chanroo Dag siden
Why does the "Last star fighter" sound exactly like "Enders Game"
Tamás Kozsup
Tamás Kozsup Dag siden
Jesus ... this brought tears to my eyes...! This song and the footage together is just too emotional ...! Omg ...! 😢😢 I loved this car!
John Botero
John Botero Dag siden
Idiots now are gonna have to take the bus.. Or better yet... Walk..
RagdedizzleHD Dag siden
I miss the days when you had to jack up te car to change the radio head unit
tomfum Dag siden
I got one of those spoon facemasks, they ft really nicely, almost as nice as a turboed b16
Omegapig Dag siden
spark plug insertion action shot @ 12:49. +10pts for the effort. was that a toilet paper tube?